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Embryonic Stem Cell Research Mania

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells in embryos and adults that have the ability to give rise to the specialized cell types that make up an organism. The mania surrounding embryonic stem cell research is out of this world. Claims and promises are in the news on a daily basis. Research scientists are clamoring to get their share of the billions of dollars expected to be spent in the next few years developing the details of the promised high-tech medical cure all. We are being falsely told that embryonic stem cell research will lead to off-the-shelf replacement parts for humans.

Before we look at embryonic stem cell research in detail, let's review the historical record of medical research.

Unsuccessful Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards vowed that, if elected, "We will do stem cell research. We will stop juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer' s and other debilitating diseases. People like Christopher Reeve will get out of their wheelchairs and walk again with stem cell research." This is the world of politicians and recruiters for research funding. They play upon the fears and hopes of unenlightened people who are enticed into exchanging a vote and a lot of tax money for a lie and a fraud. Researchers have invoked the plights of Michael J. Fox, Christopher Reeve, and Ronald Reagan in their quest for more money. The words were no sooner out of their mouths when Christopher Reeve and Ronald Reagan both died. No amount of money could have saved them.

Embryonic Stem Cell Researcher 'Misled' Lawmakers

"A leading Australian scientist is accused of misleading lawmakers about the source of stem cells credited with helping an injured rat walk again. The alleged deception apparently was part of an effort to play up the supposed benefits of embryonic stem cell research."

Professor, Dr. Woo-Suk HwangProfessor , Dr. Woo-Suk Hwang with Cloned Dog named Snuppy.South Korea Cloning (Stem Cell) Research Was a Fake

World-renowned stem cell researcher, Dr. Woo-suk Hwang, at Seoul National University has "intentionally fabricated" cloning (stem cell) research results. The professor fraudulently claimed he had cloned embryonic stem cells. He has resigned from the university under pressure. The starting point of Dr. Hwang's rise to fame was his skill in making the South Korean system work for him. The government had invested about $65 million in his research before the collapse came, and the Ministry of Science and Technology had acclaimed him as an "Outstanding Korean Scientist."

South Korean scientist, Dr. Woo-suk Hwang, holds Snuppy, the first male dog cloned from adult cells by somatic nuclear cell transfer, during a news conference at the Seoul National University in Seoul in this August, 2005, file photo. His claim the puppy was a clone is also in doubt. Click on the images to see an enlargement.

Dr. Hwang claimed his stem cell research group cloned patient-specific stem cells from cloned embryos that would have overcome the problem of immune system rejection by the patients' bodies. The entire claim was a fraud, a total fabrication of lies. He did not clone embryos and did not clone patient-specific stem cells. Dr. Hwang obtained the registration of 20,000 people as research patients in his cruel fraud. He gave them false hope and exploited them for his own selfish prideful gain.

Dr. Hwang's team also used coercion to extract 2,061 eggs from 129 women who were also working on the research team. Using eggs from fellow members of a research team is a violation of international stem cell laws.

The biased reporting in the BBC News story above should be a bigger news story than the fake stem cell research story. The news organization has distorted the news report by emphasizing the word "cloning" and neglecting to use the word "stem cell" until near the bottom of the report. Most people glancing at the story would think the topic was the cloning of sheep, rabbits, or some other animal, not a stem cell story. This is a typical example of the bias in the media whenever they reporting on stem cell research. The following web page reports on the same story without the same degree of media bias. One must search numerous news sources in order to discover the most basic facts when the story reflects negatively on stem cell research.

SEOUL, South Korea - July 3, 2006.

"A discredited South Korean cloning scientist admitted in court Tuesday, July 3, 2006, to ordering subordinates to falsify stem cell data for a paper in a scientific journal, but he denied violating a bioethics law."

"Hwang Woo-suk, who falsely claimed breakthroughs in creating stem cells from cloned human embryos, testified at the second hearing of a trial in which he is accused of accepting funds under false pretenses, embezzlement and violating the bioethics law by purchasing eggs for research."

Stem-Cell Pioneer Dr. Woo-suk Hwang Quits as Professor

Dr. Woo-suk Hwang Expresses Intention to Resign His Professorship

Scientist's Embryo Cloning Faked, but the Cloned Dog is Genuine

"Some analysts are describing his fall from grace as one of the biggest cases of scientific fraud in recent history. Dr Hwang has not made any public appearances since saying he would resign his faculty position last month, and his current whereabouts are unknown. But there was some positive news for the beleaguered scientist on Tuesday. The university panel ruled that an experiment last year in which Dr Hwang's team claimed to have cloned a dog was genuine. A three-year-old Afghan hound called Snuppy - short for Seoul National University puppy - was genetically identical to his father according to DNA tests, the panel found."

Hwang Associates Gave Key Witness $30,000

"SEOUL, Dec. 27 (UPI) -- Two members of a stem-cell research team allegedly gave $30,000 to a former member of the group to retract comments about fabricating research data. Professors Ahn Cu-rie and Yoon Hyun-soo, both of Seoul National University, allegedly gave the money to Kim Seon-jong during a trip this month to the University of Pittsburgh, where he had been working since he left the South Korean research team, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported Tuesday. University officials say research by Professor Hwang Woo-suk was fabricated. Hwang said he would resign from the university but did not admit his work, involving the creation of stem-cell lines, was faked, the BBC reported. Hwang, in research published in May in the journal Science, claimed South Korean scientists were able to clone human embryos that included DNA that matched genetic materials from 11 patients. Officials claim Ahn and Yoon gave Kim thousands of dollars to retract statements regarding the research. Kim returned the funds to Seoul National University when he returned to South Korea, the newspaper said."

Fake findings used to secure $16M grant at the University of Pittsburgh.

Drive to cut fraudulent research - April 12, 2006.

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False.

Myth No. 1 - Embryonic Stem Cells Can Grow New Body Parts.

This myth is so widespread and often repeated that most people believe it without question. Doctors are making claims that in the near future human body parts will be available off-the-shelf just like in an automobile repair shop. The doctor will simply order the desired heart size, cut out the old heart, and plug in the new one. This is not true.

Embryonic stem cells may be capable of growing a glob of muscle tissue but certainly not a new heart. Embryonic stem cells cannot be directed in such a way so as to isolate the desired body component such as a heart. Tissue grown from embryonic stem cells becomes a glob much like a tumor. The stem cells cannot be instructed to divide in a predetermined manner to grow the multitude of different tissues as required in the heart. There are thousands of different tissues involved such as muscle, surface, valves, arteries, veins, nerves, etc. The odds of growing a replacement heart are out of this cosmos.

Growing a new stem cell heart will never be successful.

As an example, the embryo starts from one cell and divides. As it divides the nerve tissues grow and extend from the central origin of the brain. The nerves develop along with the muscles, arteries, veins, and other tissues as the heart develops and grows in the fetus. The embryonic stem cells are somehow instructed as to which type of tissue is to be grown for each tiny feature in the body. The stem cells cannot be modified to simply grow the heart without growing the entire body.

Embryonic stem cells are wild and uncontrollable cells. Research scientists claim to have grown a complete mouse from embryonic mouse stem cells alone. Researchers claim the flexibility of embryonic stem cells as their greatest advantage. The opposite is true. Researchers fail to give us the more likely negative aspects of using embryonic stem cells.

Assume for a minute that embryonic stem cells are injected into a patient's diseased heart for the purpose of growing new heart muscle tissue to replace the scar tissue caused by a heart attack. A few weeks later the patient is complaining of a shortness of breath. The medical team is shocked to find an entire human fetus attached to the patient's heart and growing. The fetus has been crowding the limited space in the chest cavity and causing the shortness of breath in the patient. Wild idea? Absolutely not. This is the likely outcome, not a repaired heart. Researchers only give the positive hype in support of stem cell research. We can recall cancer researchers giving the same positive hype forty years ago about the likely cancer cure just around the corner. Now we know that cancer treatment has not improved in the last 20 years. Cancer still remains a dreaded scourge - the shocking words from your doctor, "You have cancer."

Myth No. 2 - Embryonic Stem Cell Parts Will Be Adult Size.

It will not be possible for scientists to grow a complete heart from stem cells for reasons described in Myth No. 1 above, but even if they could, the heart would be baby size and not suitable for transplant into an adult. The possibility of growing an adult size body part in the laboratory is even more remote. If there is such a thing as being doubly wrong, this is it. Aging and growth control is something that researchers have never understood, let alone achieved.

Forty years ago researchers trying to find the magic cure for cancer spent their entire careers struggling without success. Many of those died of cancer without seeing much success for their lifetime efforts. The same will occur with embryonic stem cell research. Those involved in this effort will die without being helped by their own research.

Myth No. 3 - Stem Cell Therapy Will Heal Severed Spinal Cords.

This myth is a cruel joke played on spinal cord injury victims by stem cell researchers in their quest for more research money and politicians in their quest for more votes. Researchers have repeated this wild exaggeration so often that they are beginning to believe it themselves. Simply because a nerve cell can be grown in a Petri dish or in the body using stem cells does not mean a functional spinal cord reconnection is possible. The number of obstacles and odds against success is astronomical. Victims with severed spinal cords should get on with their lives and stop letting researchers further abuse them by parading them before governmental committees responsible for giving research grants.

Sensory neurons in the body send an impulse signal along an axon (the nerve fiber) into the dorsal root ganglion and then into the spinal cord to the brain. Impulses from the brain travel in the opposite direction to the spinal cord into the ventral roots to the motor axons to motor neurons in the body. There are millions of nerve fibers in the spinal cord. Keep this figure in mind because it is the number one obstacle against stem cell repair of the severed spinal cord.

Let us assume stem cell therapy can grow an axon cell in the body. Growing an axon cell does not insure that a length of nerve fiber can be grown. The axon cells will most likely grow in a cluster like a tumor. This is a major obstacle.

Next we have the problem of growing a nerve fiber complete with the myelin sheath that is required to cover the fiber. Without this sheath the nerve fibers become shorted out like electrical wiring without an insulation cover. Nerve impulse signals get crossed one to another. What are the odds that stem cell researchers will be able to grow an axon nerve fiber complete with a myelin sheath? They are astronomical. Growing complex body components is highly unlikely.

We have encountered several impossibilities already, and we are not even close to getting the spinal cord patient out of his wheelchair. Getting a new nerve fiber to connect to the cut off end of the severed nerve is highly unlikely. The new nerve fibers may simply connect to each other at random to make a longer nerve fiber, or they may connect to themselves at the other end making loops that go nowhere. This is analogous to cutting a main wiring bundle in your car, throwing a bunch of loose wires onto the severed wiring bundle, and then trying to start your car. Good luck. Having a bunch of nerve spaghetti at the location of the severed spinal cord will not accomplish anything. Now we have impossibility to the forth power.

The site where the spinal cord is severed requires a connection from one nerve fiber on the brain side to another nerve fiber on the body side. Connecting each nerve fiber to its original is an impossibility. It will be absolutely impossible to make millions of connection repairs correctly. The brain could possibly reprogram itself after years of therapy, but this is also unknown. Having the feeling return in one small location on the body or making a muscle twitch uncontrollably is not a successful outcome. Making a connection with the sensory neuron without making the corresponding connection with the motor neuron or vise versa does no good. The motor neuron cannot be controlled without feedback from the sensory neuron.

People with severed spinal cords will never walk again. Suggestions they will one day walk again are scientific exaggerations, myths, and lies. We hear the same nonsense about finding life outside our solar system, building an anti-gravity flying saucer, proving the Big Bang Theory or proving evolution. None of these concepts is reality.

Spinal Cord Regeneration Success in Mice.
By Emma Wilkinson Health reporter, BBC News, August 8, 2010.

"US researchers have for the first time encouraged substantial regrowth in nerves controlling voluntary movement after spinal cord injury."

"By manipulating an enzyme involved in cell growth, researchers were able to regenerate spinal cord nerves in mice, Nature Neuroscience reports."

The regrowth of injured spinal cord nerves was achieved using enzymes, NOT stemcells.

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Myth No. 4 - Embryonic Stem Cell Parts Can Be Implanted In Patients.

Wrong again. Myth No. 1 showed that embryonic stem cells cannot grow complete individual body parts. Myth No. 2 showed that embryonic stem cells cannot grow adult size parts. Now we have the problem of rejection of embryonic stem cell body parts by the immune system of the patient. If there is such a thing as being triply wrong, this is it. On December 3, 1967, South African surgeon Christian Barnard conducted the first heart transplant on 53-year-old Lewis Washkansky. Heart transplants are still unsuccessful after 38 years because the problem of rejection by the immune system cannot be solved.

Rejection of foreign tissue by the body has always been the problem with a heart transplant. Sewing in a transplanted heart proved to be very easy. Keeping the heart beating and the patient alive for a reasonable length of time has proven to be impossible. This problem has not been solved. If it were solved, the need for parts grown using embryonic stem cells would evaporate. A shortage of cadaver parts is not the limiting factor in heart transplants. The basic procedure has not been shown to be successful.

Research scientists claim the embryonic stem cells could be altered using genetic engineering to protect the new tissue from being rejected by the patient's immune system. The surface identification protein on the stem cell would be replaced by one taken from the patient. This is another unproven theory. Everything in embryonic stem cell research is presented as an exciting possibility. The possible cures for cancer and AIDS were always presented in this way as well.

Myth No. 5 - Embryonic Stem Cells Are Superior To Adult Stem Cells.

Don't believe this myth. There has been no successful research to support the common suggestion that embryonic stem cells are superior to adult stem cells. Just the opposite has been the record to date. Adult stem cell successes are known, but many are highly suspect as being exaggerations or fraudulent lies.

One claim often made involves the use of stem cells in a medical treatment performed at the UCLA Medical Center.

"At the UCLA Medical Center, the transplantation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood saved the lives of three young boys born with defective immune systems. Instead of undergoing a bone marrow transplant, the boys underwent stem cell therapy. Two years later the doctors pronounced the boys cured."

There is one big problem with this claim. It probably is not true. A search of the UCLA Medical Center website produces dozens of stories about stem cell research at UCLA but no story about boys being cured of a defective immune system using stem cell technology.

Melissa Holley is another case were adult stem cell proponents are making wild claims.

Real-World Successes of Adult Stem Cell Treatments

"A third spinal cord injury patient, Melissa Holley, is another individual who experienced the wonders of non-embryonic medical treatment. An 18-year-old from Ridgway, Colorado, Holley's spinal cord was severed in a car crash on June 25, 2000. Her physicians offered her no gleam of hope for the future and stated that, in all probability, she would not walk again. Her family looked into various treatments and found one offered in Tel Aviv, Israel, by a company called Proneuron Biotechnologies Ltd. The operation was headed by Dr. Valentine Fulga and Dr. Nachshon Knoller. The procedure involves macrophages, adult immune cells that possess remarkable healing properties. After being injected with her own cells, she regained bladder control and arm and leg movement." Moran, Mark, "Body's Own Blood Cells Used to Fight Spinal Cord Injury," Proneuron Biotechnologies Media Coverage, July, 25 2001.

The Melissa Holley case does not prove that stem cells were responsible for her improvement. The macrophages are adult immune cells, not adult stem cells. Melissa's treatment had nothing to do with stem cells. People with spinal cord injuries can regain some feeling in the extremities from natural healing because some nerve connections still remain and heal. The macrophage treatment probably did assist in the healing of some of Melissa's spinal cord nerves, but stem cell proponents are making claims for a procedure that does not involve stem cells. They are using Melissa as a propaganda ploy. The following is a direct quote from Melissa Holley:

"I appreciate your efforts and your consideration of my input.  I just didn't want Proneuron associated with stem cell research.  They do a lot of good work."

Research was done on diabetic mice using stem cells to grow pancreatic islet cells to regenerate the body's ability to produce insulin. Both embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells were used. Although both types of stem cells were able to improve insulin production in the mice, the mouse that received the embryonic stem cells died and the mouse with the adult stem cells produced more insulin and lived.

Research scientists claim to have a cure for diabetes because a test mouse produced insulin after growing islet cells in the pancreas. This is not true. Restoring the production of insulin in a Type 2 diabetic does not cure diabetes. It simply replaces the insulin needle and sets the disease back one stage. The patient will still have the same sugar handling problems and insulin resistance. The new insulin production could very well make the patient's overall health worse. The increased insulin production could lead to high insulin levels that are the primary cause of heart disease.

Restoring the ability to produce insulin in the Type 1 diabetes patient does essentially cure their disease. This is great, but the media and stem cell researchers distort the results by not telling the public that it will not cure Type 2 diabetes. News stories and headlines don't mention that the achievement only applies to Type 1 diabetes. Unfortunately, most of the people with diabetes have the Type 2 variety. The following link clearly reveals this deception by omission.

Brain stem cells to cure diabetes

Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars

The Diabetes Diet : Dr. Bernstein's Low-Carbohydrate Solution

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Real-World Successes of Adult Stem Cell Treatment

Myth No. 6 - Embryonic Stem Cells Offer The Only Hope.

A common myth presented in the media claims that embryonic stem cell research is the only hope for the treatment of certain types of diseases. This certainly is not true. Adult stem cells offer a superior promise for treating diseases than embryonic stem cells. There are other approaches that the media, research scientists, and the medical community simply pass over because the profit potential is small. Using dietary restrictions to prevent and treat diseases is of no interest to the pharmaceutical industry because they want to solve health problems by selling prescription drugs. The professional medical societies have gotten locked into the high-carbohydrate diet recommendation and have become blind to any other research. Meanwhile, a few alternative medicine doctors are making great strides but without support or recognition.

Type 2 diabetes is a great example of a disease that should rarely occur and is easily treated with proper nutrition. The answer is the low-carbohydrate diet, but it is simply ignored. Adult onset type 2 diabetes is 100% preventable, yet it has become a modern health epidemic destined to become even more prevalent.

Diabetes - The Cause, Prevention, Treatment and Control of Hypoglycemia and Type 1 & 2 Diabetes

Myth No. 7 - Stem Cells Provide Safe and Effective Treatments.

Supporters of stem cell research have touted medical treatments using stem cells as safe and more effective than current treatments with drugs or surgery. These claims were shattered when embryonic stem cells were shown to generate cancerous growths. Now the attention has shifted to adult stem cells that have also been shown to cause cancer. This sounds a lot like using radiation as a medical treatment.

Adult stem cells a cancer threat, scientist warn.

"Stem cells are immature "master" cells that can be programmed to become many kinds of tissue and have been heralded as future cures for numerous disease. Experts have long known that stem cells harvested from embryos can turn cancerous. They have been linked to leukaemias and breast cancer. Now two research teams have found stem cells from adults can also turn into cancer, reports New Scientist."

Embryonic stem cells are not easy to control in the laboratory. They are genetically unstable. Adult stem cells may be more stable, but they still can cause cancer.

The Bad Seed - Rare stem cells appear to drive cancers

Myth No. 8 - Embryonic Stem Cell Research Will Save Lives.

The suggestion is commonly made that embryonic stem cell research offers far greater promise than research with adult stem cells. Researchers try to incite a panic in the public by claiming that major advancements are just around the corner, and exciting new health cures are possible. They suggest that lives will be saved if we proceed with haste to develop the many effective treatments promised. The only thing needed is more money.

These claims are simply scare tactics employed to get the public and politicians behind their research efforts with increased funding. The fight over stem cell research grants has become a major battleground. This same brainwashing technique was employed several decades ago in the quest for cures for cancer and AIDS. Past history has shown that the amount of money and the tight schedules do not result in creative innovations. Creativity cannot be dictated by a schedule or achieved by throwing a lot of money at the problem. Research requires steps of progression and leaps of genius. Dr. Albert Einstein would not have had greater achievements had he been paid a larger salary. The opposite is true. A larger salary could have diverted his attention toward more worldly things of pleasure and away from his great achievements in science.

Myth No. 9 - Stem Cells Will Replace Damaged Heart Muscle.

Don't believe this nonsense. The heart muscle is damaged and replaced by scar tissue when deprived of oxygen after a heart attack caused by a blocked heart artery. The scar tissue has strength but is otherwise nonfunctional. The scar tissue does not have muscle tissue. It cannot contract like a muscle. It just sits there, nonfunctional.

Stem cell researchers are making bold claims that stem cells can replace this scar tissue with functional heart muscle. They are very brazen in their stellar prediction even though the odds of success are perhaps one in a billion. Stem cells may be able to grow heart muscle fibers, but that does not constitute a functional heart muscle. The stem cell tissues are likely to be a random glob of heart muscle fiber without the necessary arteries, veins, nerves, and surface tissue. The stem cell heart muscle will be paralyzed and nonfunctional. It will not be a much better than scar tissue. The stem cell muscle tissue will not grow nerves that magically connect to the nerves in surrounding healthy heart muscle. The stem cell heart muscle tissue will not develop arteries and veins that magically connect into the adjacent healthy heart muscle arteries and veins.

Researchers make wild assumptions with impossible odds of success and treat them as if they will come to pass. No, they will not come to pass. Some things are simply impossible and will never happen. This form of illogical thinking permeates the university atmosphere. It stems from the false logic that anything is possible given enough time. This university teaching originated during the development of the Theory of Evolution. Because evolution is basically illogical, a method of sidestepping the stellar odds against it had to be found. The step around the impossible has been the concept that impossible results could be achieved given enough time. This thinking is incorrect. Time is not sufficient to allow all things to come to pass. No amount of time or money can insure success for goals that are impossible.

Students on university campuses today are studying to become the stem cell researchers of tomorrow. They are being taught fables of wonderful future achievements in stem cell research by replacing defective hearts with perfectly grown new hearts. Unfortunately these students will grow old stumbling over impossible hurdles, retire after meager successes, and die without seeing anyone kept alive by a new heart grown from stem cells. This is the same situation that early cancer researchers faced. They were met with disappointment after disappointment and died without seeing the magical cancer cure. Most early cancer researchers are now dead.

As an example, studies have shown that three percent of men who receive full medical intervention for prostate cancer die, and three percent of men who receive no medical attention for prostate cancer die. The advancement in treating prostate cancer is zero or worse. It has now been shown in studies that a needle biopsy of the prostate can increase the spread of cancer by 50%. It has also been shown that prostate irradiation causes rectal cancer. This doesn't match up with the glowing promises and projections of prostate cancer researchers 30 years ago.

Prostate Health - News You Can Use.

Researchers still have NOT determined the correct cause of heart disease. Universities continue to teach that eating saturated animal fats causes heart disease. These people simply dismiss any suggestion that saturated animal fats are healthy. They do not accept the fact that saturated animal fats heal the body and prevent disease. The correct villain in the diet that causes heart disease is carbohydrates from whole grains and fruit - commonly known as the USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

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Myth No. 10 - Stem Cells Will Replace Damaged Alzheimer's Brain Cells.

This assumption is false. Brain cells grown from stem cells will never become functioning brain cells that replace those damaged by Alzheimer's Disease. Growing brain cells in a Petri dish does not equate to having functioning, thinking brain cells in the head. Growing a few brain cells in the head using stem cells does insure that the diseased brain cells will be replaced by functioning, thinking brain cells. The patient is most likely to have a growth of nonfunctioning brain cells that act more like a tumor. The brain cells grown by stem cells need to be connected to each other and to the natural brain cells in a specific manner. Growing a functional, thinking mass of brain cells from stem cells is outrageously impossible. These odds have never stopped researchers from asking for more money to explore the impossible.

More likely, the doctor will tell the patient, "I am sorry we were unable to grown replacement brain cells for you, and I have other bad news. We grew cancer cells instead, and we have no cure for this type of cancer. You have less than one year to live. We also have the new government cap on the amount of money you can receive through litigation, and you did signed our Liabilities Waiver Agreement. I am afraid your getting any remuneration through litigation would be impossible. You must understand that without this protection we simply could not continue to practice medicine."

President Ronald Reagan died from Alzheimer's disease because he continually ate sugar in the form of jelly beans. It is an unrecognized scientific fact that carbohydrates cause Alzheimer's disease, but the prestigious medical organizations are too busy attacking meat and saturated fats to ever figure it out. Friends, visitors, and foreign dignitaries continually brought President Reagan jelly beans to feed his famous addiction. He always kept jars of them in front of him. His son has campaigned vigorously for stem cell research in the false belief that stem cells are the future cure for Alzheimer's disease. A jar of the jelly beans has been placed in the President Reagan Library as a reminder of his popular snack food. Little do they know but his killer is being honored.

Bonus Myth No. 11 - Stem Cell Research Won't Need Many Test Animals.

Universities have a big problem doing research using test animals. They have objected to the use of animals in research for years but are now faced with the fact - test animals are needed in vast quantities for doing stem cell research. Researchers use mice in quantity because this lower life form does not generate the mass objections they would get if they used pigs, dogs, cats, or horses.

Researchers have a dilemma. They can't inject untested embryonic stem cells into people simply to study the outcome. They can't use a horse to grow a human body part only to harvest the part before killing the animal. The moral aspect of stem cell research is very messy and going to get worse. Researchers don't seem to have any trouble ending the life of an embryo in order to harvest the cells, but slaughtering a pig after it has grown pancreatic insulin-producing islet cells is a big problem for animal rights activists. How about the slaughter of thousands of pigs each day? Then, of course, the pork could not be used for food since the pig's body would contains a vast array of human cells. That smacks of cannibalism.

Stem cell researchers suggest that new brain cells can one day be grown in those who have suffered a stroke. The loss of speech could thereby be restored. What happens if a pig used to grow pancreatic islet cells also grows human brain cells and begins to speak? The pig may say, "I don't like the way you are treating me."

Bonus Myth No. 12 - Human Cloning Will Aid Stem Cell Research.

It should first be pointed out that human cloning will never result in a healthy child growing up and attending college. A clone of Dr. Albert Einstein would not result in another genius like the doctor. Cloned humans will be found to be genetically defective monsters plagued with outrageous deformities. Most cloned animals simply die within days from these Frankenstein deformities. The rest are put to death because of the horrible defects in the animal. Only a very small percentage have the appearance of normalcy, but even those prove to be extremely unhealthy. Cloning results in the killing of many defective animals in order to obtain a near normal one. The same would be true in humans.

Another claim made for cloning is to obtain spare parts for transplant into normally conceived humans. Presumably the clone would be compatible with the parent enough to avoid rejection of the spare part by the immune system, but this is not certain either. We also have the problem that cloned spare parts are baby size, not adult size. It is most likely that a person with heart disease could have a clone made, raised to adulthood, and then killed in order to complete the heart transplant from the clone into the parent.

The entire human cloning concept sounds like something Adolph Hitler would have enjoyed.

Summary - Realistic Stem Cell Expectations.

The use of adult stem cells, much more than embryonic stem cells, does appear to have some benefits in medicine. Adult stem cells taken from the patient himself can be used to stimulate the growth of certain tissues in a limited way. Immune system rejection of the new cells is not a problem because they are taken directly from the patient himself. Examples are skin tissue and the cornea, the clear covering over the lens of the eye. These tissues have a simple yet important function. Complex body components such as the heart, brain, or retina of the eye have a much smaller chance of being repaired using stem cells. The retina cells inside of the back of the eye must be connected to nerve tissues in order to transmit a signal to the brain. The proper connection is highly unlikely.

Stem cell research should be left to free market forces for development because success is much more likely than under government funded programs. University research grants have been extremely fruitless in bringing forth successful new technologies. A good example is an acquaintance, a university professor who studied alcoholism for most of his teaching career. He spent most of his time doing research and very little time teaching university students. His contribution to the problem of alcoholism was absolutely zero. All of the money was simply a waste. If he had been paid to go fishing at least he would have had something for dinner. Universities should revert back to the days when educating students was the primary function and leave the technological development to the business sector.

Scientists, researchers, and doctors have simply discarded the proven scientific facts that can prevent Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The science was proven 40 years ago and has been identified for 100 years. An awesome increase in health could be gained simply by the elimination of sugars, grains, fruit, and starches from the diet. These carbohydrate foods have been scientifically proven to be nonessential in the diet. Not only are carbohydrates not required in the diet, but they have been scientifically proven to be pathogenic (disease causing). A simple study would easily show that diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are directly proportional to the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. These facts are simply ignored in pursuit of wild stem cell exaggerations.

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This website will prove the most healthy diet for humans is: 

70% total fat on a calorie basis
    31% saturated fat
    7% polyunsaturated fat
    25% monounsaturated fat
    7% other fats
27% protein
3% carbohydrates (20 gm of which 3 gm or less is fiber). 

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"Scientists have invented an efficient way to produce apparently safe alternatives to human embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos, a long-sought step toward bypassing the moral morass surrounding one of the most promising fields in medicine."

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'New stem cell source' discovered - BBC News - January 8, 2007.

"US scientists say they have discovered a new source of stem cells that could one day repair damaged human organs. 
Researchers successfully extracted the cells from the fluid that fills the womb in pregnancy and then grew them in lab experiments. The types of stem cell with potentially the use have so far been derived from specially grown human embryos. But this has created ethical concerns because the embryos are destroyed in the process. Opponents say this is tantamount to cannibalism. Supporters say stem cells offer real hope in treating illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's."

"Implanted in mice "

"Writing in Nature Biotechnology, the scientists said it should be possible to harness the cells' ability to grow into different tissue to treat disease. However, UK experts had doubts about the feasibility of the technique. They said gathering amniotic fluid from large numbers of women might be difficult. Amniotic fluid contains a large number of cells, many of which come from the developing foetus. The team from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in North Carolina, extracted these from fluid samples taken as part of unrelated diagnostic tests during pregnancy, then encouraged them to grow in the laboratory. They found that they had the potential to turn into a wide variety of different cells - the hallmark of potentially useful stem cells. They then transplanted them into mice, and carried out further tests to look at how they performed in a living creature. Again, the results were encouraging, with the stem cells spreading and starting to produce key body chemicals in both brain and liver. Bone stem cells introduced onto an artificial 'scaffold' then implanted into mice also appeared to behave in a similar way to normal bone cells, forming bone even months later."

Brainwashing Test: You can test yourself for symptoms of brainwashing. If you don't see anything wrong with the above research research report, you have been brainwashed. The key to right thinking is the obvious missing conclusions. Researchers and major media hide these conclusions because they want the money to keep rolling in. This story is a really a non story. They are brainwashing you by concealing the important conclusions to the research.

Read the follow web page about porcine (swine) stem cells being sold for years to stimulate the growth of cells in the human body. The above report is nothing new whatsoever. You have been brainwashed, again.

Reversing Degenerative Disc Disease of the Neck and Spine.

Healthy New-Born Babies Are Murdered in Ukraine and Stripped of Stem Cells for Research - December 12, 2006.

'Ethical' stem cell lines created - August 23, 2006.

"Human embryonic stem cell lines have been generated without embryos being destroyed, according to researchers.

Professor Chris Shaw, a neurologist at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, said: "This is a useful alternative source for embryonic stem cells but it side-steps the crucial ethical question: 'What happens to those embryos found to have a genetic mutation and those that are healthy but excess to requirement?'""

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