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Prophecy Today for the Body of Christ

The author does not claim to be a prophet of God. However, God can give His people insights into future events. This page presents a few of these insights. The difficulty in knowing God's foreknowledge lies in separating messages from the Holy Spirit from one's personal thoughts and current news information. Even so, one should not lightly dismiss the information presented here. This author published a newsletter to friends on March 10, 1992, projecting Bill Clinton as the winner of the 1992 presidential election. At that time he was projected by the press to be very low in the pack as the little-known governor from the small state of Arkansas. This website also posted a prediction more than a year in advance that the Y2K computer problem would cause very little disruption to business or to the average person's life. That projection proved to be accurate and in sharp contrast to other "Christian" websites and groups who predicted severe consequences and economic collapse in their books and tapes.

The Next New President of the United States of America

The left-wing liberal Democrat Party will win the Presidential election in 2004 and obtain majorities in both the US Senate and House of Representatives. The Democrat Party win may be delayed until the 2008 election, but conditions are falling into place for the win in 2004. President George Bush's ratings will falter badly as the economy struggles and sinks. The Democrats will blame Bush for economic failures, and the independent voters, who always vote their pocketbooks, will swing to the left to give them the victory. This victory should strike terror in the hearts of all God's people, because Satan will be in full control of the country and our freedoms. However, don't be surprised when you see many "Christian" denominations and the Roman Catholic Church solidly behind the new majority. The Democrats will be able to implement any agenda they wish for the first time in recent history. The left-wing majority in the Supreme Court will give them a clean sweep, completely unopposed.

The liberals will glow with vengeance, and blood will drip from their teeth as they anticipate the many evil changes they can enforce without opposition. Their frenzy will be as a herd of white sharks stirred by the scent of fresh blood, ripping apart everything of virtue. The small percentage of moderate Democrats will be swept along with the majority of the left-wing radicals, because the moderates will be afraid to resist the surging tide of power. The new laws to be passed by the Democrats will shock the moderate independent voters who will groan with regret that they helped put them in office.

Changes in the United States Department of Defense and National Guard

The United States Department of Defense will be transformed under the ever increasing use of the term "homeland security." The antiballistic missile program will be severely scaled back to an ineffective shell in order to shift money to the new homeland security programs. Military personnel will be trained to suppress domestic uprisings. The current law restricting the use of US military personnel against the citizens will be repealed. Those in the military who hold the position that they will never "fire" upon civilians will be weeded out of the services.

The Constitution of the United States will be easily circumvented by passing and implementing the Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA), which will turn state governors into dictators. The Emergency Health Act is passing in many states at this writing. State National Guard units will be increased in size and trained to handle "civil unrest" in preparation to enact dictates given by the governors under the new act. "Foundations are in place for martial law in the US," says The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia.

Changes in the Health, Education and Welfare Laws

Many major laws will be imposed to drastically restrict the freedoms we have in deciding our own health care matters. The false reasoning behind these changes will be the continuing surge in obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The excuse will be that giving up individual freedoms is for "the greater good." The National Health Care System (NHCS) bill will be passed using the false reasoning that the sudden surge in health care insurance and prescription drug costs cannot be tolerated. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies will be blamed for the surge in costs and accused of corruption and greed. This system will be imposed even though the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom is in a state of shambles. Service is poor and access limited as is commonly reported on the BBC News - Health and Telegraph UK - Health websites.

Forced immunization will be imposed on the entire population by making false claims of high risks for smallpox, hepatitis and other diseases. This forced immunization system will be combined with a mandatory identification system under the pretense that a positive record must be kept for each individual's immunization.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, also known as the Kennedy-Kassebaum bill, further reinforced the government-operated electronic surveillance and tracking mechanism for monitoring every American's medical records, using vaccination as the vehicle.

Medical 'Privacy' Rules Advance a National ID.

A "fat tax" law will be passed to impose taxes on certain foods containing fats. The false reasoning behind these taxes is that dietary fat, especially saturated fats, causes obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. However, scientists have proven that natural saturated fats are healthy, and the real culprit is the low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. The driving forces behind the low-fat diet and the fat tax are the multinational food manufacturing companies and the animal rights movement. Animal products such as meat, eggs, butter and cheese will be the primary target for the new tax. The tax revenues received from the fat tax will be used to help fund the soaring costs of the National Health Care System.

Fat tax 'could save lives.'

The Big Food Tax. It's no joke. High-fat food taxes are coming.

Fat tax to cut Kiwi flab.

The Fat Tax: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

Sex education in schools will include an emphasis on teenage oral sex under the false claim that this sex method will reduce pregnancies and prevent AIDS.

Abortion will move from the present small clinics into the major hospitals and will be completely funded by the new NHCS. The aborted baby body parts will be sold to the highest bidder to provide funding for abortion's cost to the system.

Changes Which Will Violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution

Free Speech will be seriously disrupted by new laws which will classify speech against the radical left-wing policy directives as a "hate crime." Books, radio, television, Internet and speech in public places such as a church service, will be prohibited from taking positions against homosexuality, abortion, witchcraft, pagan religions, unwed unions, etc. Even so, attacks against Christians will largely be ignored or dealt with in a token manner so as to look like equal enforcement of the law. Lewd TV shows, pornography and Internet smut will continue to increase under the false reasoning that it must be allowed because of the free speech clause.

The right to keep and bear arms will be largely suppressed by classifying many types of guns illegal and placing harsh registration and high fees on the ownership of all other guns. This registration will be used to identify those individuals who may resist further restrictions by the new government.

The first two things every tyrannical government does are to restrict free speech and ownership of firearms by the citizens. Hitler, Stalin and all other dictators have always done the same. The new United States government will not technically be a dictatorship but will rule exactly like one due to the lack of opposition.

Civil Disobedience and the Patriot Movement

Unlike the "Christian" community which has accepted legalized abortion, homosexuality and adultery with barely a whimper, the Patriot movement will not accept the restrictions on gun ownership. The destruction of David Koresh's Branch Davidian group at Waco, Texas (1993) led to Timothy McVeigh's bombing of the Oklahoma City Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building (1995). Both were mere tremors in the civil unrest earthquake which will erupt. This uprising will result in further decreases in freedoms and rights which Americans thought were forever secure. Neighbor will turn against neighbor and brother against brother as the citizens are encouraged to "turn in" violators of the new laws. The Patriots will be classified as domestic terrorists and will be harshly persecuted at every turn.

The Patriots will not submit to the new laws to surrender their firearms. Neither will they obey any law to register their firearms, because they realize that registration will only be a government ploy to locate the firearms for later confiscation. Leadership of the Patriots will come from former Green Beret Colonel Bo Gritz, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bo wrote the book, CALLED TO SERVE after being acquitted of federal charges when President George Bush ordered US Attorney William Maddox in 1989 to "Get Bo Gritz!" The book and video, A NATION BETRAYED, are available through CFA. Bo has trained Afghan Freedom Fighters (1986); been an Advisor in Saudi Arabia, and conducted special operations in Africa. Bo intervened to end the federal sieges at Ruby Ridge, Idaho (Randy Weaver) in 1992 and the Montana Freemen. He organized Task Force Cross to aid Eric Rudolph, suspect in abortion clinic bombings, in 1998. He has been invited to testify before Congress on five occasions and has been featured in numerous books, articles, and film documentaries on special operations forces.

Harsh laws restricting gun ownership were passed in recent years in the United Kingdom and Australia. These laws have been followed by a sharp increase in crime using firearms, as the criminal element realizes the populace is largely unarmed.

Rapture of the True Church or Civil War in America?

Will the United States Department of Defense fire upon the citizens or will they refuse? Refusal of the military to attack the Patriots would place the military against the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government in a collapse of the Constitution. The military in the USSR refused to fire upon their patriots and the left-wing Communists were removed from power.

What does all this mean? Will a confrontation over individual freedoms turn the United States back to its Constitutional roots, or will the left-wing government intrusions into our lives continue? Will the true Church (those individual who have the indwelling Holy Spirit and are referred to in the Bible as the Body of Christ) be removed (raptured) from the earth in an instant as prophesied to set the stage for the Tribulation period?

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