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The Big Bang, Redshift Light, and Dark Energy Theories
Have Many Big Flaws, Errors, and Problems

Scientist Was Given 2011 Nobel Prize for Finding Nothing

‘Scientists only understand 4% of universe’

"Aleksey Filippenko, is an American astrophysicist and professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, CA. He was the member of the team that received 2011 Nobel Prize for discovering the dark energy that is speeding up the expansion of the entire universe."

The truth is that dark energy has NEVER been discovered and a recent scientific experiment to validate dark matter FAILED to find it, as I posted below. These scientists keep apologizing time after time for their failures to understand the universe, but they continue to cling to the big bang theory. I predicted in my book that it will take 200 years for them to capitulate.
You can read the truth in my book, "Big Bang Theory."

Scientists Cannot Find "Dark Matter." The Experiment Failed

So what IS the universe made of? Mysterious 'dark matter' fails to show up again - leaving scientists puzzled July 24, 2012.

Renown cosmologists and professors at universities worldwide routinely claim that "dark matter" forms the majority of the mass in the Universe. I state in my book, "Big Bang Theory," that this widely accepted theory is actually a myth. My position has been supported by a new experiment that has FAILED to find the evidence. The prestigious scientists are puzzled again.

European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern) Claim to have Created Antimatter - June 7, 2011

Cern, Alpha and antimatter storage: why antimatter should matter to us
The news that scientists can capture and store antimatter could have a profound effect on our understanding of the universe, says Tom Chivers.

On Sunday, scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (Cern) generated excited headlines worldwide when it was announced that they had created and stored antimatter – the elusive "mirror image" of everything we see around us – in a stable state for the first time. They have managed to keep atoms of antihydrogen – the antimatter equivalent of hydrogen, the simplest element – trapped for 1,000 seconds, or 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Their previous record stood at just 172 milliseconds, or rather less than a fifth of a second. It's an exciting breakthrough, but one that may have been hard to grasp for those of us without a physics degree.

This story is science BRAINWASHING for money. The story is totally FALSE. Scientist cannot create and store antimatter or antihydrogen. In fact, they can't even create real hydrogen. Scientists cannot create atoms. Scientists cannot create protons, electrons, or neutrons. Antimatter does not exist. It is fantasy. These scientists watched too many Star Trek programs as kids. They create this big SCAM in order to get more government funding. The scientists crashed two protons head-on at high speed. The energy was transfer to the protons and held by the magnetic field for a few seconds before dissipating. The two protons simply drifted away forever. This story is akin to the hunt for extraterrestrial life where billions of dollars have been totally wasted. CERN scientist will waste their entire life for nothing just like those who searched for extraterrestrial life in total failure but have since died. France could have made great strides if the CERN money had been spent on safe Thorium nuclear energy power plants instead of being wasted banging protons together.

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to shut down for a year to address safety concerns - BBC News - March 10, 2010.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) must close at the end of 2011 for up to a year to address design and safety issues, according to an LHC director - BBC News - March 10, 2010.

'Big Bang' experiment starts well - CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC)- BBC News - September 10, 2008.

"Scientists have hailed a successful switch-on for an enormous experiment which will recreate the conditions a few moments after the Big Bang."

What would really happen if they created a black hole? - Evening Standard UK - September 9, 2008.

The news statements made about the CERN Large Hadron Collider atom smasher located in Geneva, Switzerland, are drenched with lie after lie. Certainly the coming experiments will prove all of these exaggerations to be wrong. The CERN Collider experiments will reveal the following truths:

Protons from the Sun: What You Can't See Can Hurt You in Space - July 26, 2006.

CERN Home Page.

Top Ten Media Myths about UFOs, Aliens, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, Loch Ness Monster, Roswell, Area 51, Piltdown Man, Antigravity, Crop Circles, Bermuda Triangle and Life on Mars.

Big Bang From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"In cosmology, the Big Bang theory is the scientific theory of the early development and shape of the universe. The central idea is that the theory of general relativity can be combined with the observations on the largest scales of galaxies receding from each other to extrapolate the conditions of the universe back or forward in time. A natural consequence of the Big Bang is that in the past the universe had a higher temperature and a higher density. The term "Big Bang" is used both in a narrow sense to refer to a point in time when the observed expansion of the universe (Hubble's law) began, and in a more general sense to refer to the prevailing cosmological paradigm explaining the origin and evolution of the universe."

"The term "Big Bang" was coined in 1949 by Sir Frederick Hoyle during a BBC radio program, The Nature of Things; the text was published in 1950. Hoyle did not subscribe to the theory and intended to mock the concept."

The Big Bang Theory and Redshift Light Theory are not scientific laws or laws of physics. A scientific law must be 100% correct. Failure to meet only one challenge proves the law is wrong. This web page will prove that the Big Bang and Redshift Theories fail many challenges, not simply one. The Big Bang Theory will never become a law of science because it is wrought with errors. The light from distant galaxies does have redshift, but the Redshift Theory is also false. This is why they are called theories instead of laws. See the correct reason below why light from distant galaxies has a red light shift. The Big Bang and Redshift Light Theories will never become laws of science. They cannot be proven to be scientific laws because they are false concepts. The Big Bang and Redshift Light Theories are "politically correct" concepts that are perpetuated by brainwashing of the general public, especially school students.

Universities are centers of higher brainwashing.

The following is the forbidden science question on campus.

Does the speed of light decay as it travels through space?

Well, it actually does, but your professor will lie to you to protect the Big Bang Theory. On the other hand, the professor actually believes the speed of light is a constant due to his advanced brainwashing.

Universities are Turning America into a Nation of Idiots, Fat, Drunk and Stupid.

A good example of "politically correctness" and brainwashing is the Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia prides itself in allowing visitors to revise the web page, in most cases. However, they do not allow a reference and link to this website because we refute UFOs, Aliens, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Roswell, Area 51, Crop Circles, Antigravity, Bermuda Triangle, evolution, Big Bang Theory and Redshift Light Theory. Wikipedia is a good example of the media perpetuating myths.

Brainwashing and Other Mental and Personality Disorders.

Big Bang Flaw No. 1 - The Expanding Universe Theory

The Big Bang Theory violates the basic foundation of science that is Dr. Albert Einstein's "Theory of Special Relativity."

E = M * C2

Dr. Albert Einstein developed this formula that gives the relationship between energy (E), mass (M) and the speed of light (C). The theory has been proven in numerous ways. It is the theory behind the atomic bombs for both fusion and fission reactions. Dr. Einstein conducted experiments to prove his theory. It stands without a challenge.

The Big Bang Theory states that the universe was once a dense, hot body of matter that exploded and has been expanding since the beginning some 10 to 20 billion years ago. Dr. Einstein's formula shows that the material could not exceed the speed of light as it expanded. Mass becomes infinite as its speed approaches the speed of light. Increasing the energy in the initial "bang" cannot increase the speed beyond the speed of light. The mass will increase proportionately as the initial energy is increased. The mass increases to approach infinity as the energy level approaches infinity. The Big Bang Theory violates this scientifically proven law that was discovered by Dr. Einstein.

The initial near speed of light for the expanding universe in the Big Bang Theory seems large at first glance, but this is not the case. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second (300,000 kilometers per second). This may seem fast to us, but it is a snail's pace in cosmic terms. A cosmic distance of 186,000 miles is negligible. One second is like an eternity in Big Bang terms.

Solar FlareA speed near the speed of light is inadequate for mass to escape the tremendous gravitational field at time zero in the Big Bang Theory. The matter would simply decelerate sharply and collapse back onto itself again. The speed of light is much less than the escape velocity needed for matter during the Big Bang explosion. The Big Bang would simply give a big burp and collapse back again. The energy would be changed back into mass. This condition can be witnessed daily by observing the sun. Giant explosions called sun spots on the sun blast material hundreds of thousands of miles (km) into space only to decelerate and collapse back into the sun again. Radiation and light escape from the sun but matter cannot.

One cosmologist has suggested that the material forming our universe blasted out from the "Big Bang" at a speed greater than the speed of light. At least this guy can see the speed of light as a barrier to the Expanding Universe Theory. However, having matter move at a greater speed than the speed of light is totally devoid of any theoretical formulas, violates Dr. Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, and lacks astronomical observations to prove it. Nothing in the universe has been shown to travel at a speed greater than the speed of light except some forms of radiation. These scientists are approaching the problem backwards. The scientific formulas and laws must be developed to support the theory before the theory is accepted. Instead, the scientific community has accepted the Big Bang Theory without any supporting science or supporting observations. Now they are simply throwing out any wild idea imaginable in hopes of keeping the Big Bang Theory from collapsing.

The Big Bang Theory is based on energy being turned into matter. Scientists are using particle accelerators in an attempt to prove this theory. The success has been very limited. Scientists have been unable to create even one atom of hydrogen. The atomic bomb turns matter into energy, but this process is highly irreversible. The claim that all of the matter in the cosmos was created from energy is a myth.

Big Bang Flaw No. 2 - The Redshift Light Theory

The Redshift Light Theory is in big trouble. Perhaps this should be listed as Big Bang Flaw No. 1 because it gave birth to the Big Bang Theory. The Redshift Light Theory is the very foundation for the Big Bang Theory. The theory was first formulated by Edwin Hubble and Milton Humason in 1929 and became known as the Hubble Redshift Theory. The concept of a universe expanding from a single source at a real point of time in the past was developed because Dr. Hubble discovered the red light shift. Dr. Hubble found that very distant galaxy clusters were emitting light with a redshift. The thought was that a distant body was moving away from us because the light emitted had a shift to a longer wave length caused by the velocity. This is called the Doppler Effect in sound waves. White light emitted from an object that is moving away at a high speed appears in the red spectrum. The light appears in the violet or blue spectrum when the object is moving toward the viewer. The concept is simple, perhaps too simple. The Redshift Light Theory has our little planet at the center of the universe because nearly all galaxies are moving away from us. This is ridiculous. It seems the myth that the Earth is the center of the universe will never die.

Dr. Hubble also noticed that more distant galaxies had a greater red light shift than closer galaxies. He postulated that the more distant galaxies were moving away, or accelerating away, at a higher velocity than the closer galaxies. He claimed the higher acceleration was directly proportional to the distance away from Earth. Modern scientists have seen the big problem with Dr. Hubble's theory. A galaxy does not have a propulsion system to make it accelerate. The obvious gravitational forces from other galaxies would tend to collapse the universe. The university professors and all of the other scientists who have supported the Big Bang and Redshift Light theories were forced to devise an unseen, unproven, unknown force or unknown object in the universe which would resolve all of the missing science in their theories. This force or object had to be black, emit no X-rays, emit no radiation, emit nothing, have no effect on light, because no such object can be seen or detected in the universe. They called this hypothetical scientific scapegoat Dark Energy. Cool. Now, the entire scientific community depends on the fictional Dark Energy as the foundation for the Big Bang and Redshift Light theories. Dark Energy fills in all of the gaps where no science exists. This is not a little fudge factor or a tweak to make theory agree with the physical observations of the universe. This is the major foundation for cosmology. The Dark Energy must be many times larger than all of the known matter in the universe to make the Redshift Light Theory plausible. The description of the mythological Dark Energy is even more unbelievable and bizarre. The Dark Energy must exert a negative force on visible matter, like negative gravity. It pushes galaxies around. Therefore, scientists have given it the name "gravitational repulsion." Scientists also use terms like Dark Matter, Exotic Matter, Negative Matter and Anti-Matter. Dark Matter is real, like planets in orbit around distant stars. Herein lays another problem. There are no scientific proofs that gravitational repulsion exists or is even possible. In fact, there is not even a nitwit theory. No proof. No measurement. No description. No nothing. Just magical Dark Energy. The Dark Energy fairy is pushing the universe apart. Yeah, right! We should also be aware that the Dark Energy Theory is a blatant violation of Dr. Albert Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity and his Theory of General Relativity. Dr. Einstein rejected any such thought such as "gravitational repulsion" or "anti-matter." A warning to kids in grade school -- don't let them brainwash you with the Dark Energy nonsense!

Hubble's conclusion has never been seriously challenged until now. This challenge is not based on a religious alternative as many would expect. The Biblical description of creation could fit into a big bang scenario. The first verse Genesis 1:1 of the Bible is considered by many religious people to describe the Big Bang, "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth." Many other verses in the Bible clearly describes an expanding universe such as Jeremiah 10:12, "He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, And has stretched out the heavens at His discretion." A chapter in this book will explain the absolutely true scientific reason for the redshift in the light from distant galaxies. The reason is not the Doppler effect as assumed by Dr. Hubble. The scientific truth destroys the Big Bang Theory as well.

The idea that the speed of light is a constant is nebulous at best (a little humor there). In our small little world the speed of light appears to be constant only because we cannot measure the change over a large distance. This problem is analogous to saying the speed of a bullet fired from a gun is constant. It appears to be constant if you measure the bullet velocity one meter from the end of the barrel and measure it again two meters from the barrel. However, the truth is revealed if you measure the velocity 1000 meters from the barrel. The air and gravity slow the bullet as predicted by the laws of science.

What about light? Light has mass and the bullet has mass. The fact that light has mass was proven and measured many years ago. Light is affected by gravity that is produced by other masses. Light bends as it travels past distant planets, stars and galaxies. Certainly the numerous masses in the universe can slow or accelerate the light by gravitational attraction. White light emitted by a stationary object will appear as redshift light if the velocity is slowed for any reason. So what made Dr. Hubble think that the light speed was not affected by gravitational fields in the universe? I suppose he didn't stop to consider all of the alternatives.

Light traveling through the universe is slowed or accelerated by the gravitational fields of stars and galaxies. Light conforms to the proven formula F = MA as discussed below. Cosmologists calculate that 90 percent of the mass in the universe cannot be seen. The visible stars and galaxies only comprise 10 percent of the mass of the universe. The black mass is there and has an effect on light passing nearby.

All stationary galaxies would appear to be traveling away from Earth in every direction if the light from those galaxies was slowed as it traveled through space. The light from a more distant stationary galaxy would be slowed more because of the greater distance from Earth. This is exactly what the redshift measurements show. A reduction in the speed of light as it travels through the cosmos is the scientific expectation that destroys the Big Bang Theory.

We also have the problem with antimatter. Scientists claim there is such a thing. How does it affect light? Where is the antimatter? The vacuum of interstellar space may not be a vacuum. It may contain plasma clouds of particles smaller than an electron that slow the speed of light. The science against the Redshift Light Theory is immense, and the Big Bang Theory is in serious jeopardy.

Today, November 8, 2005, I propose a new theory that the speed of light slows as it travels through the cosmos. Science in the past has incorrectly assumed that the speed of light is constant. I will show why the velocity of light decays as it travels through space. The reduction in the speed of light through space has three components. All of these components contribute to the decline in the speed of light and are in complete agreement with Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.

The amount of slowing of the speed of light as it crossed the cosmos will be called the "Rieske Spacetime Warp Factor Law" or the "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light." I will also propose here a scientific study that will prove by simple observation of the cosmos that the speed of light does indeed decrease as it travels through spacetime and the factor can be easily calculated.

Einstein proposed in his General Theory of Relativity that time and space are warped by mass. A large mass will produce a large warp in spacetime. He proposed that by traveling fast in space and returning to the point of origin one will experience a smaller amount of elapsed time than that of a person who remained at the point of origin. The space traveler is a little younger than he would have been had he not traveled at a high velocity in space. This phenomenon is known as time dilation and is an irreversible time resistance that has been proven by scientific experiment. However, Einstein failed to propose that the spacetime warp also causes a decrease in the velocity of matter traveling through space. Einstein taught that the speed of light was a finite, constant value. I propose that the velocity of the mass is subjected to a resistance by the warp of space and time. The reduction in the velocity of mass in spacetime also increases entropy and is irreversible. This resistance can be thought of as similar to a ball rolling on a surface. The warp or deflection of the surface and ball will cause a resistance that is proportional to the amount of warp. Engineers use this factor daily as the rolling friction resistance that increases entropy and is irreversible. Likewise, a mass traveling in space is not resistance free. The mass is constantly pushing against the spacetime warp.

The "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light" absolutely destroys the Redshift and Big Bang Theories.

Light does have a very small mass that causes a very small spacetime warp. However, the spacetime warp caused by light is not zero. Light has a very high speed and travels over vast distances in the cosmos that we measure in millions of light-years. The velocity of light emitted from a distant object in the cosmos slowly decreases due to the "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light." The speed of light emitted from the most distant galaxies decreases the most, because the "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light" affects the light over the vast distance, not solely because the galaxy has a higher expanding velocity as Dr. Hubble taught. This change in the speed of light appears as a redshift in the visual spectrum even though the distant galaxy may have no differential velocity. Therefore, the more distance galaxies are expected to have the greatest redshift in the velocity of the light, because the farther light travels the slower is the velocity. This does not suggest the Earth is at the center of the cosmos as does the Redshift Light Theory. The redshift occurs for galaxies that are also static in space. The cosmos does not have a center because it does not have an outer limit. The cosmos is infinite. Our vision is limited, not the cosmos. Future telescopes stronger than the Hubble Space Telescope will find galaxies in space extending to the reaches of present observation and beyond. Space is infinite. The cosmos is infinite. Dr. Hubble observed the "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light" in action, but he gave the wrong explanation for the phenomena. Dr. Hubble incorrectly assumed the galaxy velocity accounted for all of the redshift. He failed to recognize that a drop in the speed of light due to spacetime warp resistance was also occurring and accounted for the majority of the redshift.

The resistance or friction on a mass moving in spacetime also has an effect on time. The "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light" causes time as experienced by the mass to slow relative to other mass that is not moving in spacetime. This phenomenon has already been proven by sending an accurate clock into space and back. The velocity of the clock in spacetime resulted in less elapsed time than the clock remaining on Earth. The velocity in spacetime is proportional to the rate of reduction in time. This time reduction is not a reversible process, and resistance or friction of spacetime results in a reduction in velocity as well as time. Travel in the vacuum of space is not a frictionless motion. Thus the cosmos is slowing, not accelerating as stated by Dr. Hubble.

The speed of light is usually expressed in units such as meters per second. Time is the denominator. Distance is the numerator. Light traveling from a distant galaxy arrives in the astronomer's telescope after a certain amount of elapsed time. A clock attached to the light would give a much shorter elapsed time that a clock on Earth as proven by NASA. This means that the denominator based on Earth time is larger than on the light clock. The speed of light based on Earth's elapsed time is slower that the speed based on the light clock. The slower speed would result in a redshift in the light just as observed by Dr. Hubble. The redshift is caused by a difference in time, not by the distant galaxy moving away from use at a high rate of speed. Dr. Hubble was wrong.

The "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light" can be calculated on modern super computers by estimating the distance of galaxies based on their size (as done with a hunter's rifle telescope to judge the distance of a deer), assuming no expansion velocity and measuring the redshift of light. The average over many calculations will give a reasonable accuracy. The theoretical calculation using advanced mathematics will yield the same result some day in the future to confirm the factor. The "Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light" absolutely destroys the Hubble Redshift and Big Bang Theories. Some galaxies are moving toward our solar system as can be seen by a blueshift in the light. The velocity of distant galaxies relative to our solar system can be calculated by first measuring the distant using the relative size method. The velocity of the galaxy is calculated as the emitted light velocity minus the corrected light velocity for a static galaxy at the same distance. In other words, if the light from a far distant galaxy is white, the galaxy is actually moving toward us because light from a static galaxy at that distance would have a natural redshift.

Imagine a bowling ball rolling on the hardwood floor of a bowling alley. The resistance is very small, and the ball does not lose much speed. Now imagine the bowling ball on a rubber floor where the weight of the ball deflects the rubber causing a wave in front of the ball. The ball is constantly attempting to climb the wave and thereby creates a resistance that slows the velocity of the ball. The travel of a mass through spacetime is similar to the bowling ball on a rubber floor. The mass in space deflects spacetime (called spacetime warp) and creates a resistance called a gravitational wave. Mass does not freely travel through the voids of space in the cosmos. The resistance or gravitational wave causes the mass velocity to decay. This condition was predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and has been proven by real observations. The binary pulsar PSR 1913+16 discovered in 1974 is a neutron star and a pulsar in orbit around each other. The pulsar allows extremely accurate measurements of orbital time. The travel of the pulsar through spacetime has caused the orbital time to decrease 20 seconds in 20 years, as has been confirmed by frequent measurements.

The deflection or warp of spacetime by a light particle is indeed small, and the gravitational wave or resistance is indeed small. But the effect on the light particle is effective because the mass of the light is also very small. Over vast distances of the cosmos the velocity of the light decays in the same manner and for the same reason as the orbital time of binary pulsar PSR 1913+16 is decaying constantly. See the orbital decay graph on Einstein's General Theory of Relativity web page.

Dr. Albert Einstein's Mistake Was Claiming He Had Made a Mistake

Dr. Edwin Hubble made a big mistake by assuming the velocity of light through spacetime remains unaffected by spacetime warp and the resulting gravitational wave. Dr. Albert Einstein made a major mistake by reluctantly accepting Hubble's faulty concept, but Dr. Einstein died never knowing or admitting the Redshift Light Theory was false. Einstein's core intellect in developing his original General Theory of Relativity told him the far galaxies had no means of propulsion to make them accelerate. There is nothing in the vast emptiness of space that could cause a huge galaxy with a massive black hole to accelerate in any manner. Einstein added a constant to the theory making it conform to a non accelerating universe based on his gut belief. Dr. Einstein most likely did not challenge Dr. Hubble's Redshift Light Theory because of the instant and overwhelming support by the entire astrophysicist community. Dr. Einstein relented by erasing the constant from his theory. Dr. Einstein confessed that the constant was a mistake, but this book now proves that Einstein’s original General Theory of Relativity was correct. The correct reason for the redshift of light from distant galaxies as presented here would force Dr. Einstein to admit the constant was correct. His real mistake was erasing it. You can read more about this in Myth No. 8 below.

Scientists and professors today are dead silent on this topic because they know it destroys the "holy" Big Bang Theory. A great number of nonsensical theories have been devised in an attempt to redeem or prevent the crash of the false Redshift Light Theory. Observations in the universe conflict with the Redshift Light Theory thereby making it necessary for cosmologists, astronomers, and astrophysicists to conjure up a cascading list of unproven concepts in a frail attempt to save the Redshift Light Theory. This rabbit trail of astro-nonsense is infinite as a new theory pops up every year like a rabbit dashing out of its hole.

Astro-Nonsense Cascading from the false Redshift Light Theory

Big Bang Flaw No. 3 - The Original Ignition Dilemma

Big Bang FireworksA scientific theory for the original energy source for the "Big Bang" is totally lacking. What event pulled the trigger to start the Big Bang? Did the universe reach a critical energy or critical mass level that started the event? The Big Bang Theory is far out. The ignition that supposedly started the Big Bang is devoid of science. There aren't any serious attempts to explain it because no explanation is possible. The original ignition did not happen because it was impossible. Somebody has been watching too many fireworks on the 4th of July. Click the image to see an enlargement.

The universe has galaxies and clusters of galaxies everywhere. Some are close and some are far away. They are on every side of us. They seem to be distributed throughout the universe but in an uneven manner. Now this isn't logical if the universe had a common point birth. The initial discovery that galaxies formed clusters was a great shock to astrophysicists because the Big Bang Theory would predict otherwise. So did the astrophysics begin to question the legitimacy of the Big Bang Theory? Well, no. They simply ignored another observable scientific fact that has become another nail in the coffin of the Big Bang Lie. When physical observations do not match the Big Bang Theory, university professors simply ignore the physical facts. These grown men with advanced degrees continue to believe that the entire cosmos was once concentrated in a pinpoint. This is pure nonsense.

The fireworks picture shown here appears to have matter distributed throughout and in a fairly even manner. The picture is deceiving us because the camera film recorded the burning particles from the beginning of ignition to the end. The particles appear as streaks or curved lines rather than particles. The curved lines are caused by the gravity of the Earth. In reality the particles in the fireworks at any instant are all very close to the same distance from the center. They form a shell or the perimeter of a sphere. All of the particles move out from the center at the same time and same distance. The universe is not like that. Somebody should have called it the "Big Squirt Theory" instead. Some galaxies are proposed to be very far from the original center and some still very close. This is simply not possible. The original mass or energy would have to keep squirting out galaxies in a continuous fashion over billions of years to produce the uneven distribution we see in the universe. The Big Bang Theory is a fairytale, folks.

Cosmologists and astrophysicists claim the entire universe prior to the Big Bang was compressed into a point smaller than one hydrogen atom at an unbelievably high temperature. Really? Where did this super-compressed, super-temperature universe come from? They will not even bring up the topic. Where did the energy in the Big Bang come from? Ask your professor and watch him gag. The theory that the universe was once a tiny dot that exploded in the Big Bang is insanity, mass brainwashing.

One day in the distant future scientists and psychiatrists will ponder this question. How did humans in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries become outrageously brainwashed by the Big Bang Theory on such a massive scale. This brainwashing will be viewed as comparable to the brainwashing of humanity that occurred about the old "Flat Earth Theory" prior to Christopher Columbus' famous discovery of North and South America.

Big Bang Flaw No. 4 - The Acceleration of the Universe Conflict

Galaxie M100The calculated acceleration of distant galaxies and galaxy clusters is a serious dilemma for the Big Bang Theory. What is the means of the propulsion? How could a galaxy accelerate through the universe? There are no theories because the concept is silly, but it is a conclusion that one must reach if the Redshift Light Theory is true. Obviously the Redshift Light Theory is wrong. A galaxy, such as M100 shown here, has no possible method to increase the speed of travel through the cosmos.

The surrounding mass from other galaxies, galaxy clusters, black matter, light and unknown particles would have the effect of slowing the expansion. Masses produce a gravitational field that pulls the masses together. They do not push away from each other. Scientists in the past expected to see the universe expanding at a slower rate, stopped or contracting at an accelerating rate. Expansion at an accelerating rate is impossible. The Redshift Light Theory is simply wrong.

Dr. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity said that the universe must be contracting. He thought the universe was static and introduced a cosmological constant as a correction factor. He later called the constant "my biggest blunder" after accepting the Redshift Light Theory that the universe is expanding. It now appears his biggest blunder was the acceptance of his first blunder. Dr. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity does not support an accelerating expansion.

Astrophysicists made a big mistake by treating the Big Bang Theory as LAW. Now they can't correct the blunder.

Big Bang Flaw No. 5 - The Black Hole Dilemma

Black Hole GalaxyThe Black Hole Theory appears to be true. Matter at the center of a galaxy as shown here can become so concentrated that the gravitational field prevents everything from leaving. Light cannot escape, causing the matter to be invisible. X-rays cannot escape. The black hole appears by visual observation to be empty space. The black hole is not as large as the black center of this galaxy picture. The stars near the black hole have been drawn in. The gravitational force is large. This causes the diameter of a stable orbit to be very large. Black holes have been proven to be real because of the action of stars in orbit around the black hole, and a black hole bends light that passes nearby.

According to NASA, "One of the most energetic explosive events known is a supernova. These occur at the end of a star's lifetime, when its nuclear fuel is exhausted and it is no longer supported by the release of nuclear energy. If the star is particularly massive, then its core will collapse and in so doing will release a huge amount of energy. This will cause a blast wave that ejects the star's envelope into interstellar space. The result of the collapse may be, in some cases, a rapidly rotating neutron star that can be observed many years later as a radio pulsar."

A supernova has an escape velocity less than the speed of light. Therefore, light is emitted from a supernova, and matter is blasted away at a velocity greater than the escape velocity. A black hole has greater mass than a supernova. Light and matter cannot escape from a black hole, because the velocity required to escape the large gravitational field is greater than the speed of light, but light and matter cannot travel greater than the speed of light. For this reason a black hole cannot explode. All matter and light that is drawn into a black hole will remain there forever.

The origin of the universe just prior to the proposed Big Bang would be trillions of trillions of times more massive than any suspected black hole. We could think of this center as having infinite mass and having an infinite gravitational field. Nothing could escape. The matter could never expand. No explosion of any type could produce the power to blow the matter apart. Energy would be forced to revert back into matter by the massive gravitational field. The condition would be the reverse of a nuclear bomb where matter is converted into energy. It would become a unimaginable zone of intense gravity, intense mass density but zero energy. Electrons could not circle the nucleus of an atom. All electron motion would be pulled to a stop by the massive gravitational force. The space between electrons, protons and neutrons would become zero. The author calls the origin of the Big Bang a "Nonsense Hole" because it never existed. 

Black holes are a reality that proves the Big Bang Theory to be a myth.

Black holes also prove that an enormous amount of mass could not exist in any form at the size of a pinhead at the instant of the Big Bang, as falsely claimed by Big Bang proponents. The Big Bang mass could not exist at the size of a pinhead as claimed by college professors. Actually, the professor is the pinhead. Black holes have a large diameter that is proportional to the amount of mass. The minimum size of a black hole is called the "Rieske Minimum Black Hole Mass." This size is reached when the gravitational force stop light from escaping. The minimum diameter for the smallest possible black hole is certainly massive, not the size of a pinhead. A pinhead size black hole is science fiction nonsense.

Measurements of known black holes have shown that the diameter of the black hole varies in proportion to the mass. These measurements are possible by the observation of the visible mass (stars) which are in orbit around the black hole. Matter has a maximum density much less than is claimed by the Big Bang proponents. All matter in the universe could not have existed in a space the size of a pinhead as claimed by most Big Bang scientists. That is simply nonsense without any scientific basis whatsoever. The "Rieske Minimum Black Hole Mass" is easily observable throughout the universe, and it proves the Big Bang Theory is false.

Big Bang Flaw No. 6 - The Big Bang Residue Went Missing

A supernova loses much of its mass during its collapse and explosion as a massive star. The residue remaining after the explosion becomes a rapidly rotating neutron star or a radio pulsar.

Something should be left as residue from the Big Bang if the cosmos were created in this way, but the residue cannot be found. The residue should be relatively easy to find if it existed, because they say the Earth is near the center of the cosmos, not far away in an edge galaxy.

A car bomb is another good analogy to the Big Bang Theory. The car filled with explosives is at the center of the blast. Objects close to the car are blown far away, but the residue of the car remains exactly where the blast occurred. The remaining residue mass from the Big Bang should have collapsed to form a massive object. Other matter near the center should be seen as a spiral collapsing into the center. Nothing can be found. It has gone missing or never existed.

The lack of physical evidence at the scene proves the Big Bang did not happen. There is no residue matter to be found that would have been left behind. There is not a massive black hole or any other object to identify the Big Bang origin. The Big Bang Theory is simply a myth that cannot stand a close examination of the physical evidence.

Big Bang Flaw No. 7 - The Impossible Computer Calculation

Scientists and computer geniuses cannot model the Big Bang Theory, because the computer would simply say, "Cannot compute, cannot compute, cannot compute." Einstein's Theory of Relativity and other laws of science cannot be used in a computer program to model the Big Bang, because the computer would simply say, "The Big Bang Theory is a myth." Computer programs that claim to simulate the Big Bang are a fraud.

Big Bang Flaw No. 8 - The Colliding Galaxies Dilemma

Galaxies Colliding.We can see from this picture that the two galaxies appear to be colliding. Many galaxy pairs are seen this way with some in the obvious exchange of matter. We should accept the obvious. Some galaxies are nearing a collision. Other pictures that are said to be collisions are obviously not. The difference is in the detail of the stars. Let us say you take a picture with a telephoto lens of a train 10 miles (16.7 km) away traveling toward you. A man walking on the railroad tracks one mile (1.7) km) ahead of the train appears in the picture to be nearing his immediate death from the collision. The same deception can be seen with galaxies. One is behind the other. Click the image to see an enlargement.

Cosmologists tell us that some galaxies are traveling toward each other and are going to collide or have a near miss. This simply could not be true if they came from the same point of origin as stated by the Big Bang Theory. Galaxies cannot change direction. The scientific law of the conservation of momentum proves galaxies cannot change direction. Galaxies should all be expanding away from each other, not moving, or all moving toward each other according to the Big Bang Theory. Cosmologists say some are moving away from each other and some are moving toward each other. Somebody here is seriously wrong. The two galaxies colliding prove the Big Bang Theory is wrong. Astrophysicists should know better, but they are either brainwashed or intimidated into silence.

F = M * A

Sir Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) is one of the giants of science. Newton's second law of motion has never failed in theory or in observation. Newton's second law, which we can restate as force (F) equals the mass (M) multiplied by the acceleration (A) rate. This formula is very simple, but it is the foundation for calculations engineers and scientists use every day.

What this equation means is that the force applied to any object will cause it to accelerate. A planetary space probe will continue traveling in a straight line unless a force is applied to change the speed or change the direction. Rocket side thrusters can be fired to make a mid-course correction. Rocket thrusters built into the front of the space probe can be fired in the reverse direction to slow the space probe for achieving an orbit around a planet.

F = (G * M1 * M2) / D2

The force (F), Newtons, equals the product of the gravitational constant (G) times the mass of the first object (M1), kilograms, times the mass of the second object (M2), kilograms, divided by the square of the distance (D), meters, between the centers of gravity of the two masses. The gravitational constant (G) in Newton’s formula has the value:

G = 6.672 × 10−11 N m2 kg-2

The weight you see when you step on a scale is the force between you, the Earth and everything else in the universe. The space probe in our example above is attracted by everything else in the universe as well. The probe enters an orbit around another planet when the gravitational force of the planet equals the centrifugal force required to travel in a circle. These two laws can be proven by spinning a mass on the end of a wire or by observing any galaxy in the cosmos. Stars are held a precise orbit within a galaxy because these two laws are exact and true in every galaxy of the cosmos.

A galaxy can't make a right-hand turn.
A galaxy can't make a left-hand turn either.
Colliding galaxies decimate the Big Bang Theory.

Einstein proposed in his General Theory of Relativity that both distance and time are flexible but form a single entity he called spacetime. He proposed that very high gravity forces warp spacetime, causing a very small deviation from Newton's formula that ignored time. Many modern scientists and science writers have the audacity to claim Newton's formula proposed in 1666 to be wrong. Newton's formula was one of the most brilliant scientific achievements known to mankind. His formula is still used to this day in placing space probes into proper orbit around distant planets. One cannot find a formula for Einstein's gravity calculations because it is simply too complex to be practical, but Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity does provide a more accurate scientific understanding for gravity based on spacetime. The reason for the harsh criticism and hatred of Newton by some science writers boggles the mind. Perhaps it is because Newton believed the cosmos was created by God. The correction of Newton's formula involves changing the exponent of the radius from 2.0 to 2.00000016. This is less than 2 parts in ten million. Modern scientists have validated this change based on observation where:

G = 6.672 × 10−11 N m2 kg-2.00000016

Einstein's original theory of gravity showed the cosmos to be static, not expanding as suggest by the Redshift Light Theory. Einstein proved that gravity changes the direction of light but failed to theorize that gravity can therefore increase or decrease the speed of light. Because of this misunderstanding he accepted Hubble's Redshift Light Theory and deleted his constant from his gravity calculations. He believed that his original General Theory of Relativity was wrong. This book will prove that Einstein’s original theory was right. Einstein half-heartily accepted the Big Bang Theory. Einstein's original General Theory of Relativity showed the Redshift Light Theory to be theoretically wrong.

The Big Bang Theory is a dead corpse, but
your university professor will still put makeup on it

The difference between Sir Isaac Newton’s gravity formula and Dr. Albert Einstein’s formula gives us the answer for the redshift of light from distant galaxies. Newton’s formula lacks a factor for the resistance of mass traveling through spacetime. Dr. Einstein’s formula tells us that the velocity of mass decreases because of the resistance of mass traveling through spacetime. Light has mass. Light must slow at it travels through spacetime. The speed of light is not constant as taught in universities around the world. The little factor with six zeros plus 16 literally blows the Big Bang Theory into vapor.

G = 6.672 × 10−11 N m2 kg-2.00000016

This is the most important scientific discovery in the history of mankind. This new discovery is being called the Rieske Spacetime Drag Coefficient for the Speed of Light. The original issue of Dr. Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity has been used to validate this new discovery for the redshift in the spectrum of light coming from distant galaxies. The Rieske Spacetime Drag Coefficient for the Speed of Light proves beyond any possible doubt that Dr. Edwin Hubble’s Redshift Light Theory is wrong, and in doing so destroys the Big Bang Theory as well. This new Law of Science proves that the speed of light slows as it travels through the universe due to the resistance imposed on mass by spacetime. The decay in the velocity of mass traveling through spacetime has already been confirmed by observations of the decay in the orbital time of binary pulsar PSR 1913+16. The distant galaxies are not accelerating away from Earth as astrophysicists and cosmologists have claimed. The speed of light is not a constant as stated in science books and proclaimed by university professors. The universe is not expanding. Black Energy does not exist. The Big Bang Theory is a dead corpse.

The combination of the Redshift Light Theory and the Big Bang Theory has a critical fatal flaw. Both of these equations are violated when galaxies are found to be traveling toward each other. The fireworks picture at the top of this page illustrates the errors in the Redshift Light and Big Bang theories. You can see that no two objects in the fireworks are traveling toward each other. They are getting farther apart as they expand from the center. The Big Bang Theory violates many laws of science that are proven daily by theory, observation and experimentation. Scientists who would like to keep their jobs and keep the research money rolling in had better keep their mouths shut. Research money for topics that would easily prove the Big Bang Theory to be wrong is nonexistent. The intimidation of those scientists rejecting the Big Bang Theory would be extreme.

Big Bang Flaw No. 9 - The Expanding Gas Cloud Dilemma

Gas Clouds in the CosmosBig Bang enthusiasts tell us the original explosion sent out clouds of hydrogen and helium gases that compressed and coalesced into galaxies and stars. There is a big problem with this idea. Clouds of gases don't compress and coalesce into a more dense mass. Just the opposite is the scientific truth. Gases expand and become less dense. The gravitational force is smaller than the molecular diffusion force, as determined by Fick's Law of Diffusion. Clouds of gases in the universe can be seen with the Hubble telescope as with Gaseous Pillars M16 in this picture. These clouds are not coalescing or collapsing into a more dense mass. Stars cannot be formed this way. There is not enough gas in a given space to make a star. The gas would simply drift away and dissipate. Obviously, the gases in this cosmos picture are not coalescing into a star or galaxy. They maintain their odd shapes because of the very low gravitational forces present. Click the image to see an enlargement.

Our smaller planets prove that gas clouds could not form stars. The planet Mercury does not have an atmosphere, because gases simply float away into space. The planet does not have enough gravity to keep any gas molecules it temporarily captures. Our Moon is another example. A cloud of gas released on the surface of the Moon would simply float off into space.

A gas cloud could not form a galaxy, star or planet. The outer fringes of the cloud would dissipate and the cloud would get smaller and smaller. The only possibility is that the galaxy, star or planet had dense matter from the beginning. The gas cloud theory is a bunch of hot air.

Big Bang Flaw No. 10 - Cosmos Background Radiation Went Missing

Cosmologists who support the Big Bang Theory had predicted that the initial explosion would leave behind background or microwave radiation. They were elated when radiation similar to that expected was accidentally discovered in 1965. They thought this certainly confirmed the Big Bang Theory, but it did not. The theory is still in a shambles because the background radiation has gone missing.

The background radiation discovered is certainly not from the Big Bang. It is simply radiation produced by the stars, galaxies and other matter in the universe. The radiation simply does not fit the requirements of the Big Bang.

Rather than supporting and confirming the Big Bang Theory, the background radiation adds more doubt. The background radiation matches all expectation as coming from the galaxies of the cosmos. The background radiation expected from the Big Bang Theory does not exist because the event never happened.

Big Bang Flaw No. 11 - Expanding Space Addendum Falters and Fails

Hubble Deep Field GalaxiesCosmologists push the Big Bang Theory in school curriculums as if it were the truth, while many have doubts themselves. A new addendum has been proposed in an attempt to keep the Big Bang Theory from utter collapse. The expanding space addendum is basically an admission that the Big Bang Theory has many faults. The expanding space concept is an attempt to resolve them. Click the image to see an enlargement.

The expanding space idea suggests that the Big Bang was not a gigantic explosion but was instead an expansion of space. The proponents claim the speed of light is not a limitation in the expanding space concept, because expanding space has no speed limitation. The speed of light is only a limitation within the boundaries of space. This proposal suggests that space has edges, and if you go too far you will fall off. This concept is reminiscent of the old flat Earth idea commonly accepted several centuries ago. Sailors refrained from venturing too far out to sea for fear of falling off the edge of the flat Earth. Things never change.

The expanding space concept has many flaws. Space is not a physical body that has limits. Space is not something that can move or have dimensions. Space is not expanding. Space is infinite. Space is simply the absence of matter.

Another major flaw in the expanding space concept can be seen in distant galaxies. If space were expanding, we should see the size of distant galaxies expanding as well. Space exists between the stars that make up a galaxy. The expanding space proponents simply sidestep this problem by saying space expands all around a galaxy but not within the galaxy. No! This logic does not compute. The expanding space theory has no scientific or observational support. Space cannot be seen, felt, measured or observed because space is spacetime. There are no forces available to stretch spacetime.

God Stretched Out the Heavens

M-51 Whirlpool Galaxy Core with Cross.The Decay in the Speed of Light Theory shows that the universe is not as old as modern science calculates. The theory also explains why Adam and Eve had very long lives, and the longevity of people after the fall of Adam began to decline in concert with a decay in the speed of light. The Decay in the Speed of Light Theory is also supported by the Bible, which states that God "stretched out the heavens" in Isaiah 42:5, 45:12, 48:13, 51:13 and Jeremiah 10:12. The stretching out of the heavens and the decay in the speed of light make present-day galaxies appear to be billions of light years away, as calculated by the current speed of light. In fact, they could be much closer and the age of the universe much less because of this "stretching" and the associated higher speed of light. This theory is not the same as the Expanding Space Theory that is devoid of an explanation for the expansion.

The picture is the center of the M-51 Whirlpool Galaxy taken by the Hubble Telescope. It is sometimes called the "Cross Galaxy." Click the image to see an enlargement. You have a debased mind if the M-51 Whirlpool Galaxy does not convince you that Jesus Christ was God manifested in the flesh, and Christ created the cosmos.

Reports of the Death of Speed of Light Decay are Premature

Studies Suggest the Speed of Light has Decreased in the Past 300 Years

The stretching of the heavens as described in the Bible may simply mean that God spread the galaxies across the cosmos over a vast expanse that we see with modern telescopes.

Big Bang Flaw No. 12 - Time, Distance, and Age are all Messed up

The Big Bang Theory demands that older galaxies be toward the outer edge of the cosmos, but this is not the case. Galaxies very far away should be old but some appear to be young. Galaxies close to us should be young since we are said to be near the center, but some appear to be old. The Big Bang Theory is simply a mess.

In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Micro or Mini Black Holes and Dark Energy

Astrophysicists have invented the craziest theory of the century that they call Micro Black Holes. Micro black holes are said to be tiny hypothetical black holes. One astrophysicist on TV claimed, "I could have a mini black hole on the end of my nose at this moment." The theory of a mini black hole is so stupid that no attempt will be made here to define it. The concept of a mini black hole destroys the logic, facts and understanding of a true black hole, a mass of matter so large that the massive gravitational force created prevents light from escaping.

Forty years ago the author of this web page heard astrophysicists claiming that planet may not exist in orbit around other stars, only our sun. I thought the astrophysicists had gone mad. I replied, "Certainly there is not even one star in the galaxy without planets and massive amounts of matter in orbit around it." Our sun has numerous planets. Many of the planets have numerous moons. The sun has a belt of asteroids and unnumbered comets, gas, dust and everything else imaginable. The astrophysicists certainly had their heads in the clouds.

Now the astrophysicists have gone wacko in the opposite direction. They were very slow in accepting the obvious prediction that planets were in orbit around other stars. They would not accept the obvious until visible proof was seen with the eye. Now they invent absolutely nutty ideas like micro black holes in order to explain the obvious faults with the erroneous Big Bang Theory.

Dark Energy is another nonsensical idea presented by astrophysicists in an attempt to keep the Big Bang Theory from collapsing. The Big Bang Theory simply does not match the observable facts that are discovered daily. Dark energy is a kin to Big Foot. Gullible and brainwashed people believe in them but one can never be found. Astrophysicists claim dark energy is causing the universe to expand at an accelerating rate. They arrive at this dumb idea because their theory of Redshift Light Theory is also wrong. One error leads to ten more silly errors.

Multiverse, Meta-Universe, Multiple Universes, Parallel Universes, and Space Wormholes

Astrophysicists are claiming that multiple universes exist. These multiple universes may be identical twins to our real universe where copies of each of us live an identical life. A variation of this theory is a parallel universe that exists within our real universe. Other theories suggest the multiple universes are each different.

Astrophysicists have proposed the theory of space wormholes which are a shortcut path to a far point across the universe or to a parallel universe. The space wormhole bypasses the barrier that matter cannot travel faster than the speed of light.

Do not believe these theories. They are nonsense. These concepts originated in science fiction movies and TV programs like Star Trek. Unfortunately astrophysicists grew up as children who watched these science fiction programs. They have become brainwashed to the extent that they can no long distinguish between reality and fiction.

Astrophysicists believe multiple universes and space wormholes are reality while rejecting the obvious observation that the speed of light decreases as it travels through space. The reason they reject the obvious slowing of the speed of light is because accepting it would instantly destroy the Big Bang Theory. Astrophysicists have not gone awry by accident. They intentionally brainwash themselves and others.

Astrophysics and cosmology are no longer sciences. Like biology and human physiology, astrophysics and cosmology stumble over the obvious while proclaiming unproven theories as facts. Science fiction writers have now moved into the university where they dream and invent extreme nonsense at the tax payers' and students' expense. Modern biology is based on the false theory of evolution of the species. Human physiology is base on the false theory that the low-fat diet is best. Modern astrophysics is based on the false theories that an expanding universe causes a redshift in the light, the universe was created by a Big Bang from a pinpoint of energy, space wormholes are shortcuts through the universe, parallel identical universes where we all exist in multiple copies, and other nonsense. These people are indeed mentally ill.

The observation of the slowing of the speed of light and calculations for the space drag constant (Rieske Space Drag Constant for the Speed of Light) is easy.

Universities are Turning America into a Nation of Idiots, Fat, Drunk and Stupid.

Myth of the Drift of Continents by the Plate Tectonic Theory.

Science TV programs have mastered video presentations showing continental drift by the Plate Tectonic Theory. South American is shown nestled in against Africa with North America squeezed in against Northern Africa and Europe. The other continents are all pressed together to display one large continent only. The animated continental drift presentations then show the continents all moving apart until they reach the present positions. Surprise! This is all nonsense.

"Plate tectonic theory arose out of the hypothesis of continental drift proposed by Alfred Wegener in 1912[7] and expanded in his 1915 book The Origin of Continents and Oceans. He suggested that the present continents once formed a single land mass that drifted apart, thus releasing the continents from the Earth's core and likening them to "icebergs" of low density granite floating on a sea of denser basalt."

Yes, the continental drift videos do present a picture puzzle of continents that seems to fit tightly together into one large continent. The concept seems realistic at first glance but it is a fraud and a myth. The picture puzzle of the continents match by coincidence only when viewed with the present elevation of the oceans. Maps of the Earth with the ocean level 1,000 feet (305 meter) high or lower than at present would display continents with shapes that don't match at all. In fact, during the previous ice age that ended approximately 12,000 years ago the ocean level was much lower that at present. This can be easily proven by undersea maps of the ocean bottom at the discharge of the Hudson River in New York, USA. A gigantic ice dam melted at the head of the Hudson River as the ice age melted sending an enormous flood down the river. It gouged out the canyon that is now under the Atlantic Ocean as shown on the following picture.

NY Bright Ocean Floor Map.

Yes, the Earth has fractures in the crust, but these fractures do not match the shorelines of the continents. The crust does move slightly at the fracture lines which causes Earth quakes, but true science cannot prove that the most solid crust sections have move vast distances as shown in the false continental drift videos. The crust of the Earth is very thick and very strong. It is not composed of floating plates that can simply drift around the Earth. That is pure fantasy.

False Bible Teachers and the Young Earth Doctrine

The Earth is not young as false teachers claim. The Earth is perhaps millions of years old but certainly not billions of years old as claimed by evolutionists. Geological evidence proves the Earth is not young nor extremely old. The Earth would have stopped rotating due to the drag of tidal forces if the Earth were billions of years old. The Moon always faces the Earth. The Moon would not have stopped rotating due to tidal forces if the Universe were only a few thousands of years old. The fossilized red horn coral high in the Uinta Mountains of Utah prove the Earth is much older than a few thousands of years.

The Hebrew word "yowm" or "yome" has been translated into English as "day" in Genesis Chapter 1. It should have been translated as "age" or "period of time." Those who assume the Earth was created by God in six consecutive 24-hour days are very shallow in their study of the Scripture.

Although the Earth may be millions of years old, modern humans have only been present on the Earth for perhaps 8,000 years. The period could be more but is certainly less than 20,000 years because of the lack of evidence beyond 8,000 years ago. This does not mean that the Earth is only 8,000, 6,000 or 5,000 years old as some "Christian" false teachers have professed in what has come to be called the "Young Earth Doctrine." The Earth is perhaps millions of years old or at least several hundreds of thousands of years old. The Universe is much older. The false Young Earth Doctrine can be credited to John Calvin, a false teacher living in the 1500s. He wrote in his theology book, Institutes of the Christian Religion, “They will not refrain from guffaws when they are informed that but little more than five thousand years have passed since the creation of the universe.” It is obvious from John Calvin's statement that people of time did not believe in the Young Earth Doctrine either. Read more about the false teachings of John Calvin beginning on the following web page.

False Doctrines of the "Pope" of Geneva

The Young Earth Doctrine has become the gospel for many people professing to be Christians. They gauge the salvation of another person by his belief in the Young Earth Doctrine. Those who reject the doctrine that the earth is very young, say 5,000 to 10,000 years, are judged to be false believers. Those professing the Young Earth Doctrine often give another person a test in which he must believe all creation occurred in "six literal 24-hour days." This is kind of silly since the light was not created until the "fourth day." A correct interpretation of Scripture will show that the Hebrew word translated in most Bible versions as "day" actually means an "age" or "period of time." These ages or periods where God performed specific acts of creation do not necessarily run consecutive without time periods in between. The doctrine of "six literal 24-hour days" also means six consecutive days without any time periods in between. A review of websites, books or person testimonies taken from those who profess the Young Earth Doctrine quickly reveals that they don't know the true gospel, which is faith in the resurrection of Jesus. Oh, they may claim that they believe in the resurrection of Jesus, but they don't know that is the gospel. They often believe the false gospel of the modern churches that isn't even in the Bible, "Accept that Jesus died for your sins and you will be saved." They continue to judge one's salvation by faith in the Young Earth Doctrine, not the true gospel. The true gospel is faith in the resurrection of Jesus as stated clearly in Romans 10:9.

Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

The Bible correctly describes the decrepit state of the supporters of the Big Bang Theory.

Psalm 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, and have done abominable iniquity; There is none who does good.

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.

The Cosmos is a Steady-State but Dynamic Universe Giving Birth to New Galaxies

Observational astronomer Dr. Halton Arp has proposed in his book, Seeing Red, that the cosmos is a steady-state universe. There was no Big Bang, and there is no expansion. The older galaxies have a low redshift instead of a high redshift as required by the Big Bang Theory. Some old galaxies are giving birth to twin quasars that have a high redshift. The quasars are ejected from opposite sides of the parent galaxy at a high speed calculated to be between a fraction of the speed of light to near the speed of light. The redshift difference between the quasar twins confirms they are moving at equal speeds but in opposite directions. The quasars continue into the universe where each will become a new galaxy. Dr. Arp's conclusions match the observations we see in the universe. The Big Bang Theory does not.

God created the original cosmos. God is in control. The cosmos is dynamic, with old galaxies giving birth to new galaxies. This can be proven by observation. Galaxies can be seen in clusters with old galaxies and young galaxies in the same cluster. Newly created galaxies can be ejected from a twin quasar in any random direction, not expanding as claimed by the Big Bang Theory. This dynamic accounts for the fact that some galaxies are colliding with each other. All of these observations prove the Big Bang Theory to be a myth of gigantic proportions.

Picture of a Galaxy Giving Birth to Twin Quasars

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The Scientific Case Against Evolution

Why We Believe in Creation not in Evolution

Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

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