Absolute Scientific Proof the Evolutionary Theory is Dead

A story about two friends from day one.

Once upon a time there was a Polonium 218 element of the family of radioactive isotopes. Nuclear chemists classify Polonium 218 as radioactive because the nuclei of the atom continually emit alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. This radiation loss causes the atom to disintegrate or decay into a smaller atom. Eventually the material will become lead, which we commonly use for fishing weights and lead-acid batteries in our cars.

Polonium 218 would be classified in elementary school as being "hyperactive." It can't sit still very long. In only three minutes, half of the atoms decay into a lighter element, and in only one day it is all changed.

Polonium 218 can be created by the decay of a parent atom such as Uranium 238 or some other element below Uranium 238 in the chain. It can also be created as the parent without having come from the decay of a heavier atom. This is very important, so remember this fact.

Once upon a time there was granite rock. Granite is a very unique rock but at the same time is very common and plentiful. It can easily be found in mountain areas such as the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Granite is easily identified by its hard crystalline structure and light color. The crystals are large enough to be easily seen with the eye. It has an interesting structure with a mixture of light-colored quartz and feldspar crystals, and darker crystals of mica and hornblende. Granite is solid and hard without cracks or seams, and it is very strong.

Granite has another very unique property in that it cannot be created by scientists. It is considered to be an "original" material in the Earth. When melted and allowed to harden, it does not return to the original granite crystalline structure. The new smaller crystalline material is called rhyolite. Granite cannot be made by cooling the initial molten materials. This is very important, so remember this fact.

Granite never contains fossils such as are found in sedimentary rocks. All of these properties have led many scientists to refer to granite as a creation rock, since it could not have solidified from molten material according to the evolutionary theory.

Evolution cannot explain the presence of granite in its present structure. And where is this granite? Everywhere. Granite is the bedrock shell which encloses the entire Earth. Its exact thickness is unknown, but scientists have speculated that it forms a layer about 4.35 miles (7 km) thick, and in some areas possibly 20 miles (32 km) thick. It occurs on every continent.

These are the two friends from day one. We know they were friends because they lived together. The Polonium 218 lived only a very short time (3 minutes), but he left his mark on his friend, granite, in that short time. Polonium emitted alpha particles which left a very distinct mark in the granite. These marks are called Polonium halos. These halos are tiny colored concentric circles which must be viewed with a microscope. The concentric circles are actually concentric spherical marks which appear as circles after the rock is cut open. "How many halos are there?" you may ask. One trillion times 10 billion are present on every continent around the world. They are everywhere.

The Polonium 218 was the parent radioactive isotope because other distinct halos which are created by other isotopes are not present. The Polonium halos are not accompanied by Uranium 238 halos.

One minute there was nothing. The next minute there were parent Polonium 218 radioactive atoms locked in the center of solid granite. The granite rock could not have formed from cooling molten rock. Granite will not form that way. In fact, scientists cannot make granite by any method. They can make diamonds but not granite. Granite is solid. The Polonium could not penetrate existing granite because it is not porous or cracked. This was day one.

These friends are absolute scientific proof that evolution is dead. First, the granite could not have been produced by evolutionary theories, the Earth cooling, etc. Second, the Polonium locks the entire time period into an instantaneous event proven by nuclear chemistry. The time is not "millions and millions and millions" of years. The granite was produced as a solid with the Polonium parent elements inside at that instant. Within the first three minutes, half of the Polonium had decayed into a lower element. The Earth, granite, and Polonium were created by God together in an instant.

Yes, my friend, it wasn't a big bang. It was a big AMEN (translated, "So be it.").

So, have we proven that evolution is dead and the Earth was created?

Well, it's faith isn't it? Either you believe in creation which requires a Creator, or you believe in evolution as a theory which ignores a creator. Basically, people who believe in the evolutionary theory either 1) deny scientific fact in order to deny that God exists, or 2) they have not studied well enough to see that evolution is not possible. Science makes it very difficult to believe in evolution because an instantaneous creation is perfectly supported. Evolution cannot be proven.


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A study of human history clearly shows humans have only been on earth for a relatively short time of about 6,000 years. Examples are archeological dig sites. The Egyptian pyramids are another example. No foundations exist in the world that are older than about 6,000 years. This evidence is in perfect harmony with the writings in the Bible.

Other human like species such as the Neanderthal man are really animals that walked upright, not humans. They were an animal superior to modern monkeys. Humans did not evolve from monkeys or any other animal. All of these species were individually created by God. It is stupid to think humans evolved from monkeys over millions of years, yet the monkeys remain unchanged. Alligators and crocodiles are other animals that have lived a long time, yet they did not evolve into anything. There are no intermediate species. There is a complete lack of transitional forms in the fossil record. In fact, if animals could evolve there would be no single identifiable species at all. Instead there would be a random spattering of animals blended without individual species. There are no intermediate species between monkeys and man.

However, the Earth is very old. The age is only a wild guess, but it is probably not billions of years old as suggested by many. The Greenland ice sheet is approximately 110,000 years old. This indicates that the Earth has been in its approximate present form for that length of time. The sea coral also proves the Earth could possibly be millions of years old.

False Teachers and the Young Earth Theory.

Modern humans have been present on the earth for perhaps 8,000 years. The period could be more but is certainly less than 20,000 years because of the lack of evidence beyond 8,000 year ago. This does not mean that the earth is only 8,000, 6,000, or 5,000 years old as some "Christian" false teachers have professed in what has come to be called the "Young Earth Theory." This false Young Earth Theory can be credited to John Calvin, a false teacher of the 1500s. He said, “They will not refrain from guffaws when they are informed that but little more than five thousand years have passed since the creation of the universe.” Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion. Read more about the false teachings of John Calvin beginning on the following web page.

False Doctrines of the "Pope" of Geneva

Believing the Earth could be fairly old while agreeing that modern humans have only been on earth about 6,000 years has come to be called the "Gap Theory." This theory was widely held by early Church fathers. The "Young Earth Theory" is only a recent concept that does not agree with science. Christians that hold to the "Gap Theory" generally agree on the following.

Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

What do you believe? Do you believe in a Creator we call God who created the universe, Earth, and man? Or do you believe in a very slow creator, the evolutionists call, "father time?" Is the Lord your God or is time your god?

Tornado in A Junkyard: The Relentless Myth of Darwinism (book) 

In this engaging page-turner above, James Perloff devastates the theory of evolution. Issues tackled include the lack of transitional forms in the fossil record, the lack of evidence for 'ape-men,' and the amazing history of fraud that has characterized the efforts to get Darwin's theory, which he himself questioned, accepted, and taught as fact. 321 pages. Paperback.

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The ocean in times past was lower than we find it today. This may have been caused by Noah's flood which receded to the present elevation. Another possibility is the land was raised at the time of Noah's landing and the water receded off the land. The New York State Hudson River clearly shows a valley extending far out into the Atlantic Ocean which lends support to the idea that the ocean was much lower at some time in the past. NY Bright Ocean Floor Map.

The decay in the speed of light theory shows that the universe is not as old as modern science calculates. The theory also explains why Adam and Eve had very long lives, and longevity of people after the fall of Adam began to decline in concert with a decay in the speed of light. The decay in the speed of light theory is also supported by the Bible which states that God "stretched out the heavens" in Isaiah 42:5, 45:12, 48:13, 51:13, and Jeremiah 10:12. The stretching out of the heavens and the decay in the speed of light make present day galaxies appear to be billions of light years away as calculated by the current speed of light. In fact, they could be much closer and the age of the universe much less because of this "stretching" and the associated higher speed of light.

Reports of the Death of Speed of Light Decay are Premature

Studies Suggest the Speed of Light has Decreased in the Past 300 Years

The stretching of the heavens as described in the Bible may simply mean that God spread the galaxies across the cosmos over a vast expanse that we see with modern telescopes. The speed of light could very well have remained constant since the creation.

If you have doubts about evolution, you can better understand your relationship with the true Creator by selecting "A Bible Summary." If you believe in the true Creator but have not told Him, He is waiting to hear from you. Select "Salvation Prayer" to tell God how you feel.

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