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The professional dietary and medical advice given by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has been an utter failure. The USDA has published the official diet in the form of an icon called the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. The USFDA has published the official USFDA Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for carbohydrate, protein, and fat. However, therein lies a big flaw. Neither the Food Guide Pyramid nor the RDA is based on scientific facts. If you follow the Food Guide Pyramid as your daily nutritional guide, you will encounter many related degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, and many more. The USDA Food Guide Pyramid and FDA Recommended Daily Allowance are solely responsible for the current high incidence of adult onset Type II diabetes which has tripled in the last 30 years. Type II diabetes is becoming common among teenagers, who were once thought to be excluded from this "age related" disease. People with diabetes have a significantly increased risk of cancer.
USDA - Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005.

The USFDA Nutritional Guidelines Are Not Scientific.

Many people think the Atkinsí low-carbohydrate diet is lacking essential nutrients because it doesn't match the results of the Food Guide Pyramid. Their reference is the US Food & Drug Administration (USFDA) Nutritional Guide for Daily Values (DV) as shown on all nutrition labels. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Guide Pyramid was developed by vegetarians with an agenda. Nathan Pritikin and Senator George McGovern were the perpetrators. There is no science behind the Food Guide Pyramid. It was a scam from the beginning - a make believe nutritional plan to limit the consumption of animal products. The results has been rampant heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, intestinal diseases and a medical handbook full of other ailments. The USFDA Nutritional Guide is based on the Food Guide Pyramid. This is easy to prove. Simply go to a food count book or http://www.fitday.com and enter a 2000 calorie diet exactly according to the pyramid. The results will show every nutritional requirement to be perfectly achieved. Itís all a scam. There is no hard science behind the establishment of the USFDA daily nutritional requirements.

The following is a list of recommended vitamin and mineral supplements with a table listing the bodily function for each. Links to toxicity information is also provided.

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplement Guide

Glutamine, has been shown to be especially helpful in treating bowel diseases.
Multi-Vitamin and Minerals, w/o iron for men and postmenopausal women.

B-50 Complex w/o iron for proper body metabolic processes.
Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (P-5-P), activated coenzyme form of B-6. Prevents strokes.
Calcium & magnesium complex for bones for building strong bones.
Magnesium, essential for strong bones, proper heartbeat and nerve transmission.
Silicon or Silica, builds strong bones, cartilage, joints and blood vessels.

Chromium GTF, blood sugar control, weight, diabetes and heart disease.
Boron helps to maintaining strong bones. Assists calcium and magnesium metabolism.
Biotin, releases energy from foods. Plays a role in metabolism of amino acids.
Betacarotenoids, converted by the body to vitamin A as needed.

Selenium, vital antioxidant to inhibit the oxidation of lipids (fats).
Vitamin C, Ester, antioxidant fights colds, infections, allergies and disease.
Vitamin B-12, prevention of macular degeneration and Alzheimer's Disease.
Vitamin D, required for strong bones and cancer prevention.

Vitamin E, antioxidant and heart acts to protect cells from heavy metals.
Vitamin K, needed for proper blood clotting.
Pantethine, anti-inflammatory for intestinal diseases and heart disease.

Choline & Inositol Vitamins for liver, depression and diabetes.
Octacosonol, endurance, stamina, and increases oxygen.
Alpha Lipoic Acid, liver & coenzyme. Very important anti-oxidant.
CoEnzyme Q10, heart, cancer and immune system, required by every cell.

Cod Liver Oil, DHA and EPA Omega-3, skin, cells, heart and blood vessels.
Borage Oil for gamma-linolenic acid, GLA.
Betaine Hydrochloride, protein digestion.
Folic Acid, metabolism of fats, amino acids, DNA and RNA.
Lutein complex, prevention of macular degeneration.
Kelp for iodine, proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
Zinc, component of insulin; required for blood sugar control. Needed for healing.
MSM, methyl sulfonyl methane, treats muscle spasms, tendonitis, yeast infections.
Taurine, required for the heart and eyes. Reduces blood pressure and water retention.
Glutamine, building tissue, heart valves, intestines and brain fuel.
Lysine, suppresses herpes, reduces cataracts, transports calcium to the bones.
DHEA, prevents the formation of autoimmune antibodies.

Vitamin and Mineral Dosages

Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution: Nature's Answer To Drugs is the best book for determining the correct vitamin and mineral dosage for therapeutic (disease curing) effect, excessive dosage amounts and normal recommendations. Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution discussing the vital function of vitamins and nutritional supplements and then provides a list of diseases and complaints that the supplements can help cure or alleviate.


CoEnzyme Q10 has been shown to provide significant improvements in the heart and circulatory system, prevent heart attacks, prevent cancer, retard existing cancer conditions and greatly improve the immune system. Some advisers suggest people with health problems increase CoEnzyme Q10 from 30 mg - 60 mg capsules per meal minimum up to 300 mg per day. High doses are non-toxic. Liquid gel caps are best. The book, "Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements" by Michael T. Murray, listed in the links below is a must read. L-Carnitine is one of the most important supplements for providing protection and health for the brain, heart and circulatory system. One good source of reference is the book, "Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements." GTF (glucose tolerance factor) Chromium, 200 mcg per day for the control of blood sugar in the prevention of weight gain, heart disease and diabetes. Do not take with zinc or meals which prevents the absorption of the chromium. Flaxseed oil should be avoided in favor of DHA and EPA rich Carlson's Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil that is packed with nitrogen to avoid oxidation. Avoid other fish oil capsules which tend to oxidize and cause the oil to become rancid. Men and menopausal women should avoid iron. Menopausal women should take calcium - magnesium tablets. Menopausal women should try natural progesterone cream. See the book by Dr. John R. Lee titled, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause."  The above nutritional program also provides a good level of vitamin D which is vital in the prevention of prostate cancer.
Prostate Health - News You Can Use.
Preventing Osteoporosis, Bone Loss, Hip Fractures, and Degenerative Disc Disease.

Discount Vitamin Sources

My personal vitamin, mineral, and supplement program by Kent R. Rieske


Antioxidants are nutrients that possess the capacity to chemically react with and neutralize harmful molecules such as free radicals. Free radicals are molecules or atoms that can chemically bond to and damage DNA, proteins, and cells. Free radicals are generated by infection, tobacco smoke, air pollutants, ultraviolet light, radiation, environmental toxins, excessive exercise and excessive food processing. In today's world, they are everywhere. A balanced approach to antioxidant supplementation is to take several types of antioxidants.

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Listed below are the vitamins and supplements with the published benefits.


Vitamin A

5000 IU

Maintenance of healthy skin, eyes, bones, hair and teeth.

Beta Carotene


Beta Carotene is an antioxidant and can be converted by the body to vitamin A as needed.

Vitamin D

400 IU

Assists in the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth.

Vitamin E

30 IU

As an antioxidant, helps protect cell membranes, lipoproteins, fats and vitamin A from destructive oxidation. Helps protect red-blood cells.

Vitamin K


Needed for proper blood clotting.  Symptoms of vitamin K deficiency include easy bruisability, epistaxis, gastrointestinal bleeding, menorrhagia and hematuria.

Vitamin C

60 mg

As an antioxidant, inhibits the formation of nitrosamines (a suspected carcinogen). Important for maintenance of bones, teeth, collagen and blood vessels (capillaries). Enhances iron absorption, red-blood cell formation. A deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy.

Vitamin B-1
( Thiamine)

1.5 mg

Releases energy from foods. Needed for normal appetite and for functioning of nervous system.

Vitamin B-2

1.7 mg

Releases energy from foods. Necessary for healthy skin and eyes.

Vitamin B-3

20 mg

Releases energy from foods. Aids in maintenance of skin, nervous system and proper mental functioning.

Vitamin B-6

2 mg

Releases energy from foods. Plays a role in protein and fat metabolism. Essential for function of red-blood cells and hemoglobin synthesis.

Vitamin B-12

6 mcg

Prevents pernicious anemia. Necessary for healthy nervous system. Involved in synthesis of genetic material (DNA).


300 mcg

Releases energy from foods. Plays a role in metabolism of amino acids. Needed for normal hair production and growth.

Pantothenic Acid

10 mg

Releases energy from foods. Involved in synthesis of acetylcholine, an excitatory neurotransmitter. Needed for normal functioning of the adrenal glands.

Folic Acid

400 mcg

Necessary for proper red-blood cell formation. Plays a role in the metabolism of fats, amino acids, DNA and RNA. Needed for proper cell division and protein synthesis. Prevents spina bifida birth defects.



As a lipotropic nutrient, prevents fat accumulation in the liver. Precursor to acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter in the brain.



Involved in calcium mobilization.






Possibly plays a role in maintaining strong bones. Affects calcium and magnesium metabolism. May be needed for proper membrane function. Boron supplementation can reduce loss of calcium 40%, magnesium 33% and phosphorus in the urine. Boron builds stronger bones and improves hormone levels.


1000 mg

Builds strong bones and teeth. Involved in nerve transmission and muscle contraction.



As part of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), it works with insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Diseases caused by a chromium deficiency include low blood sugar, diabetes, hyperinsulinemia, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, hyperirratability, depression, bi-polar disease, impaired personality traits (bad seed), impaired growth, peripheral neuropathy, negative nitrogen balance (protein loss), elevated blood triglycerides, elevated blood cholesterol, coronary blood vessel disease, aortic cholesterol plaque, infertility and decreased sperm count and a shortened life span.


2 mg

Essential for red-blood cell formation, hemoglobin synthesis. Involved in many enzyme systems including, superoxide dismutase (SOD), a major antioxidant enzyme system. Copper is essential for many physiological functions. Copper deficiency is widespread and leads to many serious diseases including nerve damage, cerebral aneurysms (rupture causing a stroke), abdominal aorta aneurysms (rupture causing instant death from internal bleeding), birth defects, cerebral palsy and mental deterioration.

Germanium 100 mg Essential metalloid that has been largely ignored by nutritionist. A deficiency causes brain cancer. Germanium is known to enhance the immune system by stimulating production of natural killer cells, lymphokines such as IFN(Y), interferon, macrophages and T-suppressor cells. Take as a separate mineral because it is not included in most multivitamin tablets.


150 mcg

Needed for proper functioning of the thyroid gland and production of thyroid hormones.


18 mg

Prevents anemia; as a constituent of hemoglobin, transports oxygen throughout the body. Excess iron contributes to heart disease.

Lithium ** A lithium deficiency causes mental depression that is aggravated by sugar consumption. Taken as a trace mineral in a colloidal mineral supplement or as a separate supplement.


400 mg

Needed in many enzyme systems, especially those involved with energy production. Essential for proper heartbeat and nerve transmission. Constituent of bones and teeth.



Cofactor in many enzyme systems including those involved in bone formation, energy production and protein metabolism. A manganese deficiency causes many diseases including repetitive motion syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, birth defects, asthma, joint problems (TMJ), loss of libido, poor cartilage formation, pregnancy miscarriages, retarded growth rate and shortened long bones.



Required for proper growth and development. Plays a role in fat and nucleic acid metabolism.
Needed for proper sulfur metabolism.


1000 mg

Maintains strong bones and teeth. Necessary for muscle and nerve function. Abundant in most foods. Supplementation is rarely needed.



An electrolyte needed to maintain fluid balance, proper heartbeat and nerve transmission.



The most powerful and important antioxidant. Selenium is needed in the enzyme that restores oxidized glutathione back to its functional form as reduced glutathione. Another important function of selenium is its role as a powerful antioxidant in preventing cancer. It is a constituent of glutathione peroxidase, and prevents body fat from becoming rancid. A deficiency causes many diseases including heart disease, liver failure, cancer, pancreatitis and sudden infant syndrome. Protects vitamin E. 



Needed for proper bone structure and growth. A silica deficiency is characterized by dry brittle hair, brittle finger and toe nails, poor skin quality, poor calcium utilization and arterial disease.


15 mg

Component of insulin; required for blood sugar control. Needed for proper taste and hearing. Important in wound healing and enzyme activation. A zinc deficiency is associated with congenital birth defects including Down's Syndrome, cleft lip, cleft palate, brain defects, eye defects, spina bifida, clubbed limbs, syndactyly (web toes and fingers), diaphragmatic hernias, umbilical hernias, heart defects, lung defects and urogentital defects. 

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