Vinegar Kills Viruses.
Vinegar Removes Warts.
Vinegar Helps to Heal Cold Sores.
Vinegar Removes Many Skin Blemishes.
Vinegar Discourages Virus Stomach Colds and Flues.

Acetic acid in vinegar kills viruses as proven in the easy removal of warts. Ordinary white 5% acetic acid vinegar distilled from grains is just fine. Don't fall for the raw apple cider vinegar scam presented by salesmen. Vinegar can be applied straight to the skin; although, repeated applications to the lips will can the skin to peel later. Wipe full strength vinegar on the skin once a day for several day to remove some skin blemishes. Some will disappear within a month but others are not affected. Dilute 4 parts of water to 1 part of vinegar for sipping as a treatment to discourage viruses in the stomach during a cold or the flu. The acid will be neutralized before being released into the small intestines, so the effect goes no further in the digestive tract.

Vinegar Kill Warts:

Apply a few drops of 5% vinegar directly to the gauss pad on an ordinary band-aid and place it across the wart. Leave it on for at least 12 hours per day. Continue to apply another vinegar band-aid daily for five days until the wart turns black. Allow a few days for the body to reject the wart tissue and build new skin below the wart before attempting to remove the wart. Remove the dead tissue when it appears to be lose. Give several days for the skin to heal. Repeat the entire process if any wart tissue remains.

Vinegar Removes Many Skin Blemishes:

Skin blemishes will often appear on the forehead and temple area in middle-age people and seniors. Many of these brown or black blemishes can be removed by applying full strength 5% vinegar directly to the skin. Wipe the skin with a folded paper towel that has been dipped in 5% vinegar. Wipe the skin several time and do not rinse. Repeat this procedure for several day. The cells of many of these blemishes are tightly bonded to the healthy skin and cannot be immediately removed. Wait for one month to see which blemishes have disappear by the normal sloughing of the cells. Reap the entire procedure again as desired. Keep in mind that some blemishes are not affected but many are completely removed.

Vinegar Help to Heal Cold Sores:

The healing time for common herpes simplex cold sores can be reduced by applying straight 5% vinegar with a wetted paper towel. Also take 1000mg of lysine twice or three times a day. Continue to take 1000mg of lysine on a daily basis forever. The number of cold sores should diminished to zero or near zero within a year. Lysine is an amino acid that has been proven to subdue or depress viruses. Lysine has no side effects. Never take the amino acid arginine as it causes viral diseases to flare. See my web page below to learn more about amino acids.

Amino Acids - The Building Blocks of Life

Vinegar Discourages Virus Stomach Colds and Flues:

Dilute 4 parts of water to 1 part of vinegar for sipping as a treatment to discourage viruses in the stomach during a cold or the flu. Only drink 1/4 of a cup of the diluted mixture to test the results. Any negative effect can be reduced by drinking one cup of pure water to dilute the vinegar in the stomach. The ascetic acid will be neutralized before being released into the small intestines, so the effect goes no further. Also take 1000mg of lysine twice or three times a day.

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