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May 12, 2017

Preparing for the Possible Ebola Pandemic
Ebola Is the Suicidal Terrorists' Perfect Bioweapon
How to Cure Ebola at Home and Survive an Ebola Virus Epidemic

Historical Facts:

Ebola African hemorrhagic fever is a dreaded disease caused by a virus that has been described as having symptoms of "instant scurvy" in which blood vessels throughout the body begin to rupture and cause the victim to bleed from the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, rectum, and urinary tract. The ebola virus has an incubation period as short as two days but less than 21 days in 97% of the cases and up to 42 days in 3% of the cases. The method of transmission is through physical contact with a victim and contact with body fluids such as vomit, diarrhea fecal matter, sweat, blood, urine, tears, saliva, breast milk, semen, and dead bodies. Inanimate objects can become contaminated with the ebola virus and become contagious. It is not believed to be an airborne disease at this time (September 2014), but ebola can be spread through droplets expelled during sneezing and coughing. The early symptoms are fever, sore throat, body aches, headache, and symptoms similar to virus flus. This progresses to violent vomiting, raging diarrhea, severe muscle weakness, weakened capillaries causing pinpoint hemorrhages, external and internal bleeding, and death.


EBOLA | Inside the Deadly Outbreak [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Ebola is real. Ebola is deadly. Ebola is very contagious. Ebola is very infectious. Ebola is dangerous. Ebola escalated exponentially in West Africa before being subdued. Prepare now while supplies are available.

In September 2014, ebola outbreaks were isolated in the Western African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Four patients had been flown to the United States, one to the United Kingdom, and one to France for treatment. All five have survived. It appears that nearly all ebola patients can be saved if treated in a high-quality hospital at an early stage of the disease. The question remains. What special treatments are being given that the health officials in advanced countries are not telling us about?

International SOS - Ebola News Latest Updates - Worldwide Reports

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention --- Latest Updates

EBOLAVIRUS Data Sheet -- Public Health Agency of Canada

EBOLA as a Terrorist Weapon

Ebola is the wildest, low-tech terrorists' weapon of mass destruction of all time. Are President Barack Obama, the United States Centers for Disease Control, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, World Health Organization, and the United Nations all stupid or do they want a massive drop in world population? Many "tree-huggers" and "global-warming nuts" have suggested that the earth's population be reduce by 90%. Either way, the most awesome weapon of mass destruction since the 1918 pandemic is at the fingertips of the dumbest suicidal terrorists. It can be spread uncontrolled and undetected very easily.

Maybe the world authorities will wake up and quarantine all the infected countries after reading information like this, but they probably won't. All countries with ebola outbreaks should be locked down solid. Close all the borders with military personnel ready to shoot anyone who crosses. Only special aircraft should be allowed to fly in, and those aircraft flying out must land at a special disinfectant airport. US authorities wouldn't quarantine HIV when the numbers of infections were very small. They never seem to learn.

A Terrorist Is Certain To Do the Following:

The most vulnerable cities and countries are those with a high population density and/or very poor sanitation facilities such as:

How to Cure Ebola at Home and Survive an Ebola Virus Epidemic

Pharmaceutical companies want to make billions of dollars by having doctors treat ebola patients with newly patented drugs. These drugs are not required because two methods already exist that will cure a patient who has ebola. These treatments are readily available if you stock up before supplies are exhausted during an epidemic.

Take HIV Drug, Lamivudine, Because It Cures Ebola

Dr. Gobee Logan in rural Liberia treated 15 ebola patients with the HIV antiviral drug, Lamivudine. Thirteen of the patients recovered but two died. This is an awesome 87% success rate. Most likely ebola patients in all English-speaking countries will find that doctors will not provide this treatment because it has not been approved by their government health agency, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lamivudine is a cure for ebola.

Liberian Doctor Defends 3-5 Days Ebola Treatment With HIV Drug

“When the patients come early, and they are put on this medication, they recover within three to five days. This medication is not specifically for HIV/AIDS, I want this to be clear; but the Anti Retrovirus agent that is used to treat other virus illnesses like hepatitis ‘B’. But it is one of those medications that are combined with two or three other medications to treat HIV/AIDS, so it should not really be called an HIV/AIDS drugs.” - Dr. G. Gorbee Logan, County Health Officer, Tubmanburg Hospital

Says Dr. Logan: “There is a particular type tablet that forms part of ARD referred to as Lamivudine and it is a 150 mg tablets. This medication has been doing well for some of the patients that I have treated.”

Dr. Logan says fluid management is also a big part of his method. “When patients come, we have to rehydrate them because they are vomiting and toileting and are losing lots of fluids, so we are giving some supplements as well. We are also giving antibiotics, because one of the things the virus does, is that it is destroying major organs in the body and in the process of this destruction, infections step in.

Don't give up. There is great news. This HIV drug cures Ebola. Lamivudine in tablet form is readily available on the international internet market as of October, 2014, without having a doctor's prescription, but this availability could quickly be cutoff or depleted should a pandemic occur. Anyone who has had a possible exposure to ebola should order this drug immediately. This drug will also treat hepatitis B.

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Doctor treats Ebola with HIV drug in Liberia -- seemingly successfully

AIDS And Ebola Found To Use Same Mechanism To Spread In Body

Take an Antibiotic to Prevent a Secondary Bacterial Infection

Ebola victims develop infections from a variety of bacterium due to the weakened condition of the body. Keflex (cephalexin), Flagyl (metronidazole), and Cipro (ciprofloxacin) are the drugs of choice; and all three should be available in case an infection does not respond to the one being taken. The pharmaceutical fact sheets from the web pages linked to the above names should  be printed and stored with the drugs for reference before taking the drugs.

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Take Cannabis Oil to Fight the Ebola Virus

Cannabis oil from the marijuana plant has be shown in studies and patents to have anti-viral activities. Cannabis oil containing CBD inhibits the over reaction of the immune system that leads to death. Cannabinoids have been shown to inhibit the growth of different virus strains. Cannabis oil has been shown to reduce and prevent toxic shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).

CBD Protective Against Ebola Virus

Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis are three different plants in the cannabis family, and many sub-strains exist. The cannabis oil is obtained from the flower (bud) of the cannabis plant through a distillation process and is often called hash oil or hemp-oil. Hempseed oil obtained from the seeds should be avoided because it has no health benefits. These are two different oils. The primary psychoactive constituent or pharmaceutical of cannabis oil is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), along with about sixty other minor cannabinoids. The secondary important chemical in cannabis oil is cannabidiol (CBD), which is not psychoactive but has recently been shown to block the affect of THC in the nervous system. CBD is believed to be more important as a medical therapy than THC. The third cannabinol (CBN) is believe to have some immunosuppressant medical properties. Some references suggest that the cannabis oil taken orally to treat viral infections should be very high in THC with some CBD. THC is the compound that some scientists claim attacks viruses without harming normal body cells. The therapy goal should be to take a cannabis oil that has THC, CBD, and CBN because solid scientific test data is not conclusive. A typical laboratory test result could be THC = 30%, CBD = 3%, and CBN = 1%.

The cannabis oil must be laboratory tested to insure the product is high in THC and CBD and not just an expensive fraud. California has been leading the nation in this research after passing their medical marijuana law. C W Labs in Oakland, CA, has been mentioned as an experienced laboratory that certifies the quality of the cannabis oil. The product can be purchase in California through a dispensary with a doctor's prescription. Several other states have also legalized medical marijuana. Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana for smoking, medical remedies, or any other purpose. The oil can be purchase directly by the individual without a medical prescription.

A person is totally responsible for his own cannabis oil medical therapy.  The following is a list of concerns and comments people have given about their own self-therapy.

Weed Protects You From Ebola

Additional Home Treatments Necessary to Cure Ebola and Survive

People are able to overcome ebola if they live long enough for the immune system to concur the virus. The cure is provided by the immune system, not by medical treatments or the supplements listed below. Hopefully, the supplements and treatments below would support the victims bodily functions and suppress the ebola virus long enough for the immune system to overcome the virus. Hospitals and doctors can only give the ebola patient those treatments that have been approved by government agencies for the general treatment of viral infections. Therefore, the hospital and doctors will most likely deny the following supplements if the victim goes to a hospital or government treatment center.

Stop Vomiting and Diarrhea

Ebola causes vomiting and diarrhea that severe dehydrates the body and hastens death. Vomiting and diarrhea must be stopped or slowed significantly in order to keep the body hydrated and allow the body to absorb supplements, provide nutrition, and support the immune system. The following two non-prescription drugs should be started immediately when symptoms appear.

Driminate Generic for Dramamine Motion Sickness, Anti Nausea, Anti Vomiting

Equate - Anti-Diarrheal, 72 Caplets (Compare to Imodium A-D)

Electrolytes and Colloidal Minerals

Ebola causes vomiting that quickly depletes vital electrolytes and causes severe dehydration. The primary water-electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Vomiting also depletes the body of many other primary and trace minerals. Take sodium and chloride in the form of common table salt. Take potassium in the form of potassium chloride as found in Morton's Salt Substitute. Calcium can be taken in powder form mixed in water or tablets dissolved in water. Magnesium should also be taken with caution because it can promote diarrhea. Colloidal minerals are readily available and should be taken as well. One good source is Colloidal Minerals by NOW Foods.

All of the electrolytes and colloidal minerals can be mixed together with water for drinking. Some of the minerals can be absorbed in the stomach or small intestine even though an ebola victim continues to vomit. The drink is repeated until the victim is able to keep it down. Hospitals give patients the electrolytes in an intravenous drip (IV).

Water-Electrolyte Imbalance

Drink, Drink, and Drink Some More

Dehydration and the depletion of electrolytes brings an early death to ebola sufferers. The victim or patient must be strongly encouraged to drink water along with the supplement listed here. They should drink it all again after vomiting, and drink more as necessary. Eventually some of the water and supplements will enter the system to support normal bodily functions and the immune system that is fighting hard against the virus. Adult males should drink at least four quarts (liter) per day. Vomiting and diarrhea may require the consumption of six quarts per day or more. Victims of the Ebola virus should be forced to drink even though they only want to sleep. They may refuse or reject liquids because vomiting and diarrhea will increase.

L-Lysine Amino Acid

L-Lysine (or lysine) has been scientifically proven to inhibit or kill viruses in the body. Lysine inhibits viral growth and is therefore used in the treatment of Herpes Simplex as well as the viruses associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr Virus, Cytomegalovirus, and HHV6. Lysine has cured or continues to suppress my lifelong herpes simplex type 2 (oral cold sores). I take lysine, proline, and taurine daily for the healthy production of skin, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, and joint tissues. I have six 200-tablet bottles of lysine at 1000 mg per tablet. I take one tablet each day but have taken three on some days to prevent a virus cold. Read more about amino acids in by book, "Reversing Heart Disease and Preventing Diabetes", Chapter 2. Mix the amino acids and vitamin C together with drinking water. The amino acids and vitamin C can be absorbed in the stomach or small intestine even though the ebola victim continues to vomit. The drink is repeated until the victim is able to keep it down and then taken frequently.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Ebola has been described as causing symptoms very similar to "instant scurvy." Scurvy is caused by a vitamin C deficiency with symptoms of leaking blood vessels, old scar tissue opening like a fresh flesh wound, weakened capillaries causing pinpoint hemorrhages, internal bleeding, swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth, muscle pain, bone pain, damage to organs, and death. The ebola virus appears to instantly deplete the vitamin C reserves in the body; therefore, restoring the vitamin C should be the first order of treatment. High doses of vitamin C may help to overcome the bleeding symptoms caused by the ebola virus. Eating fruit will not help whatsoever. It is unlikely that vitamin C kills the ebola virus directly. Instead, vitamin C is expected to prevent a premature death from hemorrhaging, thus allowing time for the immune system to destroy the virus.

Dr. F. R. Klenner and Vitamin C Megadoses

A liposome encapsulated form of Vitamin C is available for maximum bioavailability that some references claim is equal to IV vitamin C injections. This is the best source of vitamin C for ease of use and maximum dosage delivered into the blood stream.

Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C - 30 Packets at 1,000 mg per Packet

A healthy person can take as much as 10,000 mg (10 grams) of vitamin C orally per day as stated in the quotation below from The Merck Manual. Ebola victims should overdose as much as possible because the virus may be destroying the vitamin C as quickly as it enters the body. If vomiting occurs, take the vitamin C again and again. Take at least 1000 mg per hour if infections from ebola or the marburg virus are suspected or confirmed.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) should also be administered rectally in an enema. The enema should be prepared with 15,000 to 30,000 mg (15-30 grams) of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate in 1 to 2 cups (250-500 ml) of clean water. It can be safely give to children as well as adults. The vitamin C enema should be given in addition to the oral dosage.

The Merck Manual - Vitamin C

"The upper limit for vitamin C intake is 2000 mg/day. Up to 10 g/day of vitamin C are sometimes taken for unproven health benefits, such as preventing or shortening the duration of viral infections or slowing or reversing the progression of cancer or atherosclerosis. Such doses may acidify the urine, cause nausea and diarrhea, interfere with the healthy antioxidant-prooxidant balance in the body, and, in patients with thalassemia or hemochromatosis, promote iron overload. Intake below the upper limit does not have toxic effects in healthy adults."

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C for healthy adults is 200 mg, but 75 mg for women and 90 mg for men prevents deficiency.

Vitamin C could possibly present a catch-22 situation (a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions) by providing benefits and causing harm at the same time. Vitamin C tends to thin the blood, thereby allowing pinpoint hemorrhages to leak more readily; but at the same time, the Vitamin C could perform its normal function of making blood vessels healthier and stronger.

At least one doctor believes that internal rectal absorption of vitamin C could help to reduce diarrhea and help to cure ebola. Big pharmaceutical companies who are working on vaccines and drugs would not be please if a common and inexpensive vitamin could provide the cure.

Can Ebola Be Cured With Vitamin C

Vitamin C Antidote too all Known Toxins - Thomas Levy, MD - Video
Ebola Is Discussed After the 10 Minute Mark

Can Vitamin C Cure Ebola?

"In our opinion the use of vitamin C in Ebola is a no-brainer. Get the illness and, it is said, you have at best a 50-50 chance of surviving without vitamin C-based therapy. Corporate medicine has no effective treatment. Furthermore, if a drug were available, it would be untested and almost certainly unavailable to you, dear reader. Vitamin C is considered safe and should do no harm. The cost of treatment is low. The clinical reports of vitamin C in viral infection are that if you get the dose right, you will survive. Vitamin C is known experimentally to inactivate viruses. In the event, we hope people make rational decisions."

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been shown to fight viruses like Ebola, but mega-doses of vitamin D are require to obtain a therapeutic effect. The goal is to take at least 100,000 IU per day in divided doses where 5,000 IU capsules are readily available at most stores. Doctors often prescribe one 50,000 IU capsule per day in one dose for people who are deficient. The upper limit of 400,000 IU is the goal. Vitamin D is perfectly safe in high doses for a short-term treatment of a serious disease like Ebola that kills a high percentage of the victims.

Vitamin D May Protect Against Ebola

L-Carnitine Amino Acid

L-Carnitine (or carnitine) is formed from lysine and vitamin C. Carnitine production is needed for producing energy in the cells and is deficient in those with scurvy. Ebola sufferers have low energy along with severe muscle weakness and may therefore have a carnitine deficiency as well because they also have symptoms of total vitamin C depletion. Carnitine is also a popular supplement among bodybuilders.

Acetic Acid in Vinegar

Common household distilled vinegar is generally 5% acetic acid that has been confirmed scientifically to kill the Ebola virus at this concentration and lower. Vinegar can be wiped on the skin with little sensation accept in tender areas such as the lips. It should never be placed near the eyes. It can be drunk in small sips when diluted at least 5 parts water to 1 part vinegar. In theory, the dilute acetic acid could aid in killing the Ebola virus in the stomach and thereby lessen the nausea symptom. It is not necessary to use apple cider vinegar because it provides no additional benefit.

Ethanol Kills Viruses

Ethanol is also called ethyl alcohol and can be easily obtained as a common liquor or spirit such as whiskey, vodka, rum, brandy, and tequila. The strongest liquor is normally 90 to 100 proof (45% to 50% ethanol). Although 70% ethanol is the best concentration to kill viruses, it cannot be readily obtained and cannot be directly consumed. One-hundred proof liquor can be directly consumed, but it is fairly strong in the mouth.

Drinking ethanol should help kill viruses in the stomach. The ethanol is also absorbed into the blood where it may help to suppress or slow the progress of ebola. This treatment is strictly an assumption based on sound scientific facts. Whiskey would be the ethyl alcohol of choice because it has a more pleasant taste.

Ethanol can be inhaled by wetting a clean cloth with a common alcohol spirit such as vodka or whiskey and inhaling through the wet cloth. The ethanol tends to vaporize more rapidly than the water so the cloth should be rewetted frequently. This concentration of ethanol in the nose, mouth, windpipe, and lungs should help to suppress or slow the progress of ebola. Police often measure the level of ethanol in the blood by giving a person a breath analyzer test.

Ethanol can be applied to the skin straight from a 90 or 100 proof bottle to kill bacteria and viruses, but care must be taken to not ignite the volatile ethanol vapors. This may be a better method than the application of harsh chemicals that contain chlorine, isopropyl alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.

Interesting Information About Whiskey

Oxygen Therapy

Supplemental oxygen should be delivered to the Ebola victim through a breathing mask if the victim shows signs of labored breathing, excessive coughing, or spitting blood. Blood that is leaking from the lung tissues causes a reduction in the amount of oxygen absorbed by the patient causing the patient to become deficient. A medical oxygen tank or emergency welding oxygen tank is needed with the following items to administer the oxygen properly.

Salter Labs Adult Oxygen Mask w/7' tubing - part # 8110-7, qty 2ea

American Bantex Oxygen Humidifier Bottle

Humidifier Connector Adapter Tube For O2 Concentrator

American Bantex 50 Foot Oxygen Tubing

Oxygen Cylinder E Tank

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Eat Low-Carbohydrate Foods

The Ebola sufferer should eat as much low-carbohydrate foods as possible; such as cooked meat, fish, poultry, seafood, or eggs. Hard real cheese is also recommended. The body digests meats to provide the amino acids necessary for making poly-peptides and in turn making all immune cells to fight the Ebola infection. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables do not make immune system cells and should be avoided.

The Ebola virus requires a water environment to survive. Dietary oils and fats hamper the activity and destroy the Ebola virus. Healthy oils include all animal fats, real butter, refined coconut oil, and medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil). Medium chain triglycerides are readily absorbed without digestion to provide energy.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil)

Treatments That Should be Avoided

Do not give an Ebola patient aspirin or ibuprofen, or other "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs" (NSAIDs). Herbs, nano-silver, drinking chlorinated water, or other treatments not mentioned here should be avoided as they will make the illness worse. Blood thinning drugs should be discontinued.

Advanced Ebola Virus Treatment That Hospitals Use

Blood Transfusions From Ebola Survivors Cures 7 Out of 8 Patients

Blood taken from a surviving ebola patients for transfusion into new  ebola patients is often called convalescent serum, but more accurately called antiserum. Doctor's in the United States have used this method of treatment on the first ebola victims, but this doesn't mean that a hospital or ebola treatment center will give you a blood transfusion from an ebola survivor. The reason is the same as above. The treatment has been approved by the World Health Organization but has not been approved by the US FDA. Health experts give the lame excuse that the transfusion could transfer a different disease from the ebola survivor to the new ebola patient. This excuse is nonsense because the blood could simply be tested in a hospital setting. The FDA ensures big profits for the pharmaceutical companies, not easy and inexpensive cures for ebola sufferers.

Treatment of Ebola hemorrhagic fever with blood transfusions from convalescent patients.
International Scientific and Technical Committee.

Blood Transfusions from Survivors Best Way to Fight Ebola

Black Market in Blood of Ebola Survivors to Treat Victims, Doctors Report

Ebola Epidemic Spawns Black Market in Survivors’ Blood

Two requirements are necessary for providing a blood transfusions as an ebola cure. The first requirement is having an ebola survivor with the same blood type as the infected ebola patient. Blood type tests must be performed using a Eldoncard Blood Type Test Kit that is readily available for use by any non-healthcare individual. The second problem requires drawing of blood from the ebola survivor and transfusing the blood into the untreated ebola victim. Any registered nurse could perform this procedure, so it is not difficult, but the blood transfusion kits are not available to the general public.

Diabetics regularly use insulin syringes to administer insulin. These syringes are readily available at pharmacies or internet sources. The syringes could be used in an emergency situation to administer whole blood taken from an Ebola survivor to yourself if you both have the same blood type and the donor has no other dangerous diseases like hepatitis C or HIV. Hospitals are using blood plasma only that has the red blood cells removed, a process that cannot be done at home.

The ebola survivor could draw his own blood from a vein using a commonly available insulin syringe, and the ebola patient could infuse (inject) the blood into his own vein. The small quantity of blood per draw is the biggest problem with this procedure and would require numerous transfers. This procedure would be hazardous but would be possible in an emergency life or death situation.

How to Perform an Intravenous Injection (IV)


Ebola - New Type Filter for Dialysis Machine Traps and Removes the Ebola Virus

How to Protect Yourself from Ebola

Isolation of the Ebola Victim

Anyone in the family who develops a fever, sore throat, or other symptoms that could be ebola should be immediately isolated. A bathroom would be the best possible location in the home where the bathtub could also be used as a bed. A plastic bag should be placed on the outside of the bathroom window for the collection of flammable wastes from the ebola victim. The plastic bag would be removed after being partially filled and burned on an open fire. Burning ebola contaminated waste in a fireplace is a less desirable option because it bring the ebola virus back into another room of the house. Other disposal methods could be a yard storage shed with a locked door. Stored bags should be sprayed inside with the chlorine solution, if possible, before closing. Avoid the puff of air coming out of the bag.

The ebola victim should be given food, drinks, or other items on paper plates or in paper cups that will burn easily. No one else should enter the room. All other family members should avoid physical contact with each other while anyone in the home appears to be sick.

Men who have recovered from Ebola can still have the virus in their semen for three months and must abstain from having sex.

Encouragement of the Ebola Victim

People do survive ebola even in cases with very little or no medical assistance. The ebola victim should be strongly encourage to treat himself with supplements and fluids listed above in order to prevent the depletion of electrolytes and dehydration.

Emergency Treatment of Children at Home

Children with the ebola virus infection present a very difficult situation for parents or caregivers. The child cannot be hugged and pampered. The child must be placed in a bathroom with the tub for a bed and a toilet. The child must be told in no uncertain terms what is being done and why. The door must be locked from the outside. Getting the child to drink water, take pills, and cooperate will be exceedingly difficult. A parent has no option other than to prepare to become infected yourself and treat yourself along with the child.

Chlorine Decontamination Solution

A common lawn and garden hand-pumped pressure tank with spray nozzle (Flo-Master 1.5 Gallon Bleach Sprayer) can be used to decontaminate surfaces and objects. Plastic gloves and other items can be decontaminated by placing them in a large plastic bucket containing a 0.5% chlorine solution for 10 minutes. The 0.5% chlorine solution can be prepared by adding one part concentrated household bleach (sodium hypochlorite solution, 5% available chlorine) to nine parts of water. The toilet and bathtub can be decontaminated with the chlorine solution before allowing the waste to be discharged into the sewer system.

Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Nitrile rubber gloves are very inexpensive and disposable. They must be purchased well in advance of an ebola outbreak because hording will immediately strip the supply from store shelves. Government agencies will hog all of the production capacity for use in hospitals and for use by emergency personal such as police, ambulance drivers, and hearse drivers.

Plastic Buckets with Lids

Plastic buckets with lids must be available for use as a chlorine solution decontamination container.

N100 Respirator Masks

N100 respirator masks with a filter efficiency of 99.97% against non-oil based particles are a must when near an ebola virus carrier or in public places. The masks will instantly disappear from store shelves at the slightest mention of an ebola virus outbreak. Government organizations will hog all of the production capacity for use in hospitals and for use by emergency personal such as police, ambulance drivers, and hearse drivers.

Many doctors and nurses who have been treating ebola patients in Africa have contracted ebola and have died. The N100 respirator masks could be one of the reasons they contracted the disease. The ebola virus could penetrate the mask media. These masks are not sealed around the edges as anyone soon discovers when wearing one in a very dusty environment. The US CDC claims the ebola virus is not airborne, but this is debatable. The doctors and nurses have had airtight suits, so the exposure to the virus is most likely from a face mask leaking around the edges. Such leakage can be prevented by taping the mask to the face that is clean shaven or to a protective bag suit.

3M 8233 N100, HEPA Particulate Respirator

Homemade Plastic Airtight Suits

Any homemade plastic suit is better than nothing when caring for an ebola stricken family member in the home. A small clear plastic bag (Husky 2.5 gallon) should be placed over the head with a cutout for the nose and mouth. The cutout should be covered with the N100 respirator mask that is then carefully taped to the  bag.  A common yard bag can be used for the body and smaller bags for the feet with the seams taped as much as possible. The best protection would require that all seams be taped to encapsulate the caregiver. Place the upper bags over the lower bags to shed water. The Husky 2.5 gallon zip top bags can also be used as foot coverings. The caregiver can be decontaminated with the chlorine solution and rinse water before removing the bags. Water will destroy the respirator mask, so the process can become difficult and not entirely 100% efficient. Anything is better than nothing.

The best hazmat suits have a separate air supply that keeps a positive pressure inside of the suit so it only leaks out. The simple suits in news photos would allow air to "breathe" in and out at the weak seams and around the mask as the wearer breathed and moved about. An emergency homemade suit could include an air hose from an "oil-free" air compressor to keep positive pressure in the suit.

How to Put on and Remove Protective Equipment (Suits and Gloves) - pdf

The following is the suit doctors and nurses should be wearing when treating ebola patients.

Positive pressure personnel suits (PPPS)

Plastic Bags for Disposal of Contaminates

Plastic bags and cable ties should be readily available to hold contaminated materials. Burning the entire bag and contents in an open fire would be the best method of disposal in order to destroy the ebola virus on contaminated contents. Releasing ebola virus contaminants into the environment would be a dangerous method of disposal.

Plastic Sheet

A large plastic sheet roll should be readily available for covering large items such as soiled mattresses, blankets, bedding, clothing, and the body of any deceased victim. All of these items should be strayed with the chlorine decontamination solution and left to soak before any attempt is made to cover or encase the materials.

Shoes Are a Big Problem

Videos coming from West Africa show how important it is to decontaminate shoes. Do not touch the sole of the shoes when putting them on or taking them off. Don't get into a car or  walk into your house without decontaminating the soles with the chloride solution or step into a pan that contains the chloride solution. Then, leave the shoes in a special place.

Prepper Apocalypse Defense Strategies

Beware of Government Death Centers

Ebola treatment centers in Liberia are nothing more than "Death Centers" where ebola victims are forcibly detained, given only low-level care, and dispatched to cremation sites after they die. Hospitals in the United States and worldwide are not prepared to handle any ebola victims, much less handle a pandemic. People who have some other non-lethal illness such as a common cold, virus flu, or bacterial infection will become contaminated and will contract ebola if they visit an ebola treatment center. They will eventually end up on the cremation pile. The effectiveness and extent of the health care would drop rapidly as the number of cases increases. The United States government is planning to divert ebola victims away from ordinary hospitals to special "Treatment Centers" in the event of a serious epidemic, but these centers will only become "Death Centers" to keep ebola victims from spreading the disease.

A major dilemma will occur for those people who become infected with the ebola virus. The authorities will forcibly take an infected person to one of the treatment centers. The victim will not be allowed to take anything with them. All home self-treatment supplies will be destroyed by the authorities who do not care for the ebola victim. Their goal is strict isolation of the ebola victims to prevent the spread of the disease. A person who is prepared to treat an ebola infection must keep it a secret or run the risk of being dumped in a "treatment center."

U.S. Hospitals Unprepared to Handle Ebola Waste

Be Prepared to Defend Yourself and Your Home From Ebola Victims

An ebola pandemic could easily result in a severe breakdown in social norms as has already happened in West African countries. People should be prepared to lock down their homes, prevent intrusion by ebola victims and others, and protect themselves and family members. Non-lethal methods are preferred because a dead ebola victim on your property or in your home would be a major problem to resolve successfully.

Bear Pepper Spray

Bear pepper spray is a good choice for self-protection while in public or on your own property. The spray would certainly keep an ebola victim outside of the contagious range and immediately stop any aggression. Bear pepper spray devices can be easily and legally concealed on the person, in a purse, in a car, or in the home.

Sword or Machete

A large sword or machete stops most aggressors without being used. An ebola victim who is seeking to intrude into someone's home would quickly change his mind if confronted by a large sword pointed at his face.

Firearms and Ammunition

Having a firearm in the house and in the car is an absolute must at all times of the year for self defense. Open carrying a firearm during an ebola virus outbreak would help to deter an ebola carrier from approaching or attacking. A concealed firearm may be preferred during normal conditions because it doesn't alarm the public, but it is essential during an ebola virus outbreak to alarm anyone who might be considering an attack. The United States Supreme Court has recently ruled that open carrying a firearm is a right under the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights that cannot be infringed by any state, city, or law enforcement agency. Private businesses and certain government buildings and locations can forbid entrance by a person open carrying firearm.

How to Reduce the Risk of Ebola While Moving about in Public Places

Visiting Public Stores and Gas Stations

Several preparations must be taken in advance before visiting a public store or gasoline station during a severe ebola virus pandemic. All public door handles, gasoline pump handles, and other objects should be treated as an ebola virus contaminated object. The floors of public buildings, sidewalks, and driveways should all be considered to be contaminated. Therefore, the tires on your car could carry ebola into your garage, and ebola on shoes would be carried directly into your car and home. Shoes must be decontaminated before re-entering your car, and your tires, wheel wells, and driveway must be decontaminated before driving the car into the garage. Mailboxes, outside door handles, sidewalks, and driveways at your home or business property should be considered to have been contaminated by someone in the public who approached your house or business. Mail must be treated as a bioweapon. One member of the home could wear nitrile rubber gloves to examine the mail while another member could take pictures of important letters. All of the mail would then be carefully placed into a plastic bag for open fire disposal.

The typical procedures at a gasoline station would be performed as follows:

The procedures while visiting the supermarket are somewhat similar to those for visiting the gasoline station except that everything you touch and everything you buy must be considered to be contaminated by the ebola virus. Canned foods would be best as long as the cans were decontaminated before bringing them into the house. Open raw vegetables and fruits should be considered to be absolutely forbidden, although some could be decontaminated and then cooked before eating.

Buy meat packages wrapped in plastic that could be decontaminated in a chlorine solution bucket before opening the package and carefully placing the meat in a pressure cooker or on an outside propane grill. Enjoy without worry!

False Ebola Cures That Are Lies

False Cure No. 1 - Colloidal Silver - Claims abound that colloidal silver will cure Ebola. These claims are lies. Certainly concentrated colloidal silver in a petri dish will kill some viruses but the concentration in vitro (in the body) has no effect. Colloidal silver will not cure HIV and will not cure Ebola.

False Cure No. 2 - Ozone, Oxygen, or Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - Claims abound that ozone, oxygen, or hydrogen peroxide therapy will cure Ebola. These claims are lies. Certainly concentrated levels of oxygen in a petri dish will kill some viruses but the concentration in vitro has no effect. Hyperventilating will add more oxygen to the blood than any ozone or hydrogen peroxide therapy, but the extra oxygen does not kill viruses. A multitude of oxygen therapies have been tries with the HIV but none were successful.

False Cure No. 3 - Exotic Fruits, Extracts, and Herbs - Claims that exotic fruits, extracts, or herbs will cure Ebola are lies.

Official Statements about Ebola That Are Lies

Lie No. 1 - "People with ebola are not contagious until they develop symptoms." This statement is false. Family member in African families pass the disease before anyone in the family actually shows symptoms. The ebola virus can pass from handshake to handshake without any of the intermediate people being infected themselves. 

Lie No. 2 - "People are not contagious if they have not developed a fever." This statement is false. We know that some people are contagious and develop other symptoms first, even after they are viremic, and don’t mount high fevers. The body temperature measurement can also be suppress with over-the-counter drugs, like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin) or acetaminophen (Tylenol and others). The body temperature is not a reliable test method for identifying an ebola infection.

Lie No. 3 - "Ebola is not an airborne disease." This statement is false. Certainly droplets expelled in the coughs or sneezes of ebola victims are contagious. The virus may not be carried by the wind to a distant city, but a U.S. research center found that the ventilation system in the laboratory building carried the virus from room to room to infect the test monkeys. All of the monkeys were destroyed and the building thoroughly decontaminated. You will most assuredly become contaminated and infected if an ebola infected person sneezes on you. The following study by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) proves that aerosolized Ebola virus causes a lethal infection.

Lethal experimental infections of rhesus monkeys by aerosolized Ebola virus.

Lie No. 4 - "Ebola requires direct contact with the victim in order to be transmitted to others." This statement is false. The Ebola virus is easily transferred to inanimate objects such as money, handrails, food, water, liquids, furniture, ground, floors, beds, utensils, bathrooms, toilet seats, etc. A restaurant worker suffering from Ebola can easily contaminate the food and drinks served to patrons. In West Africa Ebola has been transferred by people who take a taxi cab to go to a treatment center. The next rider touches the same door handles and in turn contracts Ebola. The ground and floors in areas where Ebola patients are treated are disinfected with a chlorine solution even though the carrier had died and been buried. The Ebola virus can be transferred from handshake to handshake to handshake. Avoid pets because dogs lick everything and everyone. Dogs are also attracted to odors from vomit, urine, and feces. Pets are dangerous.

Lie No. 5 - "Ebola patients are not contagious when tests are negative." This statement is false. A man in Liberia who survived Ebola was kept in isolation until his Ebola test was negative. He was released, went home, had sex with is wife, and she contracted Ebola and died. The contagious Ebola virus can persist in the semen of a survivor for several months after he has recovered. It is not safe to be around an Ebola victim even though he/she has recovered until several months have passed.

Lie No. 6 - "The Ebola virus only enters via the mouth, nose, eyes, and gentiles." This statement is false. The first nurse infected in Madrid Spain simply touch her face (skin) with a contaminated, gloved hand. The Ebola virus can enter the body through any body surface.

Lie No. 7 - "The Ebola virus is not carried by insects like mosquitoes or by rats." This statement is false. You will contract Ebola if a mosquitoes sticks an Ebola victim and then sticks you, period. Rats can walk through vomit or feces left on the ground by an Ebola victim and track the virus to items that someone else might touch or food that someone else might eat. Health care professionals in West Africa spray the ground with a chlorine decontamination solution where ever an Ebola victim walks.

Lie No. 8 - "Ebola is difficult to catch." This is absolutely false. Many doctors and nurses have contracted Ebola even though they were dress in full coverage suits and sprayed down with a chlorine decontamination solution after leaving the treatment ward.

Eleven Horrifying Truths about Ebola the Government Doesn't Want You to Know

"Uh, oh! *?%$^%#*^, my glove is ripped. I've got to get out of here."

New York Ebola victim Dr. Craig Spencer's case and timing are very suspicious. What are the odds that a doctor serving Ebola victims in West Africa would decide to come back to the United States only to test positive for Ebola a few days later? Did the title to this post run through his mind? Were his trips around New York City used as a cover to remove the suspicion just in case he started to develop symptoms? Surely he knew that a wait period in West Africa would make his recovery much more difficult. He watched hundreds of people die. He knew the grizzly fate that would await him if the rip in his glove left him infected. He knew he could develop symptoms in only two days. The odds are that something like the title of this post ran through his mind, and he immediately headed to the airport so he could get through screening with a normal temperature. Yep, the doctor deliberately brought Ebola to New York City so he could live.

Russian Scientist Claims a Female Witch Doctor Caused the Current Ebola Epidemic in West Africa to Spread.

"The scientist claimed the infection of an African sorceress by the virus was the the basis for the current Ebola epidemic."

"A known sorceress treated several patients for an illness we now know was Ebola. She caught the virus herself from them. A mass of people attended her funeral. And because she was regarded like a saint, people said goodbye to her body in the closest way which infected at least 350 people," Netyosov explained.


Itchy Ritchie and The Weird Dimensions, "My Ebola 'Obola"

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