Corner of the Earth

Corner of the Earth


You probably won't believe this, but I found one of the Corners of the Earth on July 8, 2002. We have heard for centuries, no millennia, about people traveling to the far corners of the Earth. Yes, the Earth is a sphere on the outside but on the inside it has a granite or marble shell shaped as a perfect cube with cracks where the magma bubbles up through to the surface. Two of the other Corners of the Earth are also on land but are probably covered with dirt, rocks, or magma. I have not preformed an analysis of the composition of the Corner of the Earth but granite is common in the area and a large marble mine is in operation within the Rocky Mountains.

I won't tell you where I found my Corner of the Earth, so don't even ask. The approximate location for my Corner is in the Rocky Mountains of North America at a latitude between 40 and 43 degrees North and a longitude between 105 and 107 degrees West. I am sure I can find it again because I have a picture taken nearby that is an easily recognized landmark.

This Corner of the Earth is near the top of a mountain at nearly 11,000 feet (3609 meters) elevation. No construction or earthwork has been done in the immediate vicinity and my Corner of the Earth is not man-made. It is completely virgin terrain where snow provides cover six months of the year. Although this Corner must have been exposed to the elements for thousands of years, the point and edges are still very sharp with little weathering or damage. It is absolutely beautifully awesome, perfectly unbelievable; poking through the dirt in a timid manner as if to peek at the sky.

There must be four Corners of the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere and four in the Southern Hemisphere to form a perfect cube. I have not measured the exact direction but the shadow of the sun on the dark side of the cube is perfectly aligned with the North Pole. The top of the cube appears to be perfectly aligned perpendicular with the axis of the Earth. The adjacent edge of the two Sun lit surfaces of the cube faces perfectly north and south and the slope of the edge is perfectly parallel with the axis of the Earth, as I can best determine without taking readings with accurate instruments. As you can easily see, the three surfaces forming the Corner are all at perfect 90 degrees with each other. The orientation is not at some random angle as one would expect.

The approximate locations for the other Corners of the Earth are:

Northern Corners of the Earth

1 North is near 40 to 43 degrees North and 15 to 17 degrees West. This location is in Spain. The peoples of Spain, Portugal, and France should look for it. Perhaps it is in the Pyrenees Mountains.

2 North is near 40 to 43 degrees North and 105 to 107 degrees West. This is my Corner of the Earth in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

3 North is near 40 to 43 degrees North and 163 to 165 degrees East. This location is in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean south of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

4 North is near 40 to 43 degrees North and 73 to 75 degrees East. This location is in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. The peoples of Kyrgyzstan should look for it.

Southern Corners of the Earth

1 South is near 40 to 43 degrees South and 15 to 17 degrees West. This location is in the South Alantic Ocean near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge midway between Argentina and South Africa.

2 South is near 40 to 43 degrees South and 105 to 107 degrees West. This location is far out into the South Pacific Ocean west of Chile.

3 South is near 40 to 43 degrees South and 163 to 165 degrees East. This location is in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand.

4 South is near 40 to 43 degrees South and 73 to 75 degrees East. This location is in the middle of the South Indian Ocean midway between South Africa and Australia.


This Corner of the Earth is absolutely spectacular and should be labeled as a World Monument with the name: "Kent Rieske's Corner of the Earth."


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