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Mechanical Engineering Principle

The common internal combustion piston engine operates with some of the same principles as the lungs in the human body or in animals. These engines are typical of the engine in your car, truck, motorcycle or bus. The engine draws in air and fuel, produces a power stroke, and discharges the products of combustion. The engine has pistons that move up and down in the engine block. Each stroke displaces a volume that is the area of the piston times the stroke. The total displacement (Vdisp) is commonly given to identify the size of the engine as cubic inches (ci) or cubic centimeters (cc).

The space above the piston is called the combustion chamber volume (Vcc) and is generally a part of the head that is bolted to the block. The total volume ratio (Vt) is according to the formula:

Vt = Vdisp / (Vcc + Vdisp)

The compression ratio (CR) for an engine is generally in the range of 8 to 10 for gasoline engines and 15 to 17 for diesel engines. The compression ratio (CR) is according to the formula.

CR = (Vcc + Vdisp) / Vcc

Smaller combustion chambers produce a higher compression ratio. The power and efficiency are both improved with high compression ratios on both a theoretical and practical basis. Race engines have higher compression ratios but require more expensive fuel. Diesel engines have very high compression ratios and are much more efficient as a result.

Human Lungs and Breathing Principle

The human body draws in air containing oxygen similar to an engine. The lungs absorb the oxygen into the blood to be transferred to cells for combustion to produce energy. Carbon dioxide is the product of combustion that is transferred by the blood and lungs to the air to be exhaled.

We cannot exhale all of the air. The lungs have small residual spaces that do not empty. The windpipe is a semi rigid tube that does not collapse. The windpipe has a volume that cannot be expelled. This remaining volume is very similar to the combustion chamber in an engine.

The volume of air taken into the lungs when we breathe is similar to the displacement on an engine. The body is different in that the volume is variable. We can take a shallow breath or a deep breath as we please. The residual volume is also variable. We can stop exhaling with our lungs half empty and begin inhaling again. Therein lies a BIG problem.

Shallow breathing leaves a large amount of air in the lungs that has a low level of oxygen and a high level of carbon dioxide. The transfer of oxygen to the blood and the carbon dioxide from the blood to the air is sharply reduced.

Breathing is partly voluntary and partly involuntary. We can increase our breathing rate as we desire. We can take deep or shallow breaths as we desire. Therein lies a BIG problem. The involuntary breathing takes over when we are asleep, deprived of oxygen (hypoventilation) or have excessive oxygen (hyperventilation). Most of the time we simply ignore our breathing and let the involuntary system take over. Therein lies a BIG problem.

We tend to get very lazy and establish a breathing pattern that becomes a habit. Some people develop a very bad breathing pattern that leads to higher blood pressure, but this can be easily corrected. The position of our body also changes our breathing. We compress the abdomen by sitting and leaning forward. This pushes the diaphragm up into the chest area. The amount of air that can be inhaled is thereby reduced. This position is common with desk work or factory assembly line operations. You must not stay in a position that prevents a full intake of air with each breath. Body fat can contribute to this problem, especially tummy fat.

The lungs of younger individuals assimilate oxygen from the air we breath very easily and discharge carbon dioxide into the air before we exhale. This efficiency is greatly reduced as we age and because we inhale air pollution, dust, chemicals, and cigarette smoke. Older people do not hyperventilate very easily as do younger people and children. As we age breathing become less efficient to the point where additional oxygen gas must be administered in people with damaged lungs to keep the blood oxygen level within an acceptable range. This inefficiency in assimilating oxygen into the lungs greatly contributes to high blood pressure.

Heart and Blood Pressure Principle

The heart and blood pressure operate involuntarily. We cannot simply decide to change our heart rate and thereby decrease our blood pressure. The body controls the heart automatically to provide blood to the body. The heart rate and blood pressure will change depending on the demand by the body and the action of the lungs to provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.

Shallow breathing will deprive the body of oxygen. The heart will automatically compensate by pumping more blood. This action produces higher blood pressure. Reducing activity will also tend to reduce blood pressure as occurs during sleep.

Biofeedback and relaxation exercises reduce the overall activity and have a tendency to reduce blood pressure. However, these techniques do not have a lasting effect in controlling blood pressure during everyday activity. You cannot do biofeedback or relaxation techniques while mowing the lawn or struggling to solve a computer problem.

Blood Pressure Control Method

Breathing is work. We tend to get lazy in our breathing.

Step No. 1 - Breathe in deeply, sharply, and quickly using the chest and the diaphragm. Allow the tummy to expand as the diaphragm presses downward into the abdominal cavity. A tight belt, clothing, body fat or poor sitting position prevents deep breathing. Expanding the chest is more work but increases the amount of air inhaled even more. Breathing through the nose is fine, even though your nose may be slightly restricted. This method reduces the pressure within the chest cavity to less than the atmospheric air pressure. The difference in pressure drops the blood pressure accordingly. You will immediately notice that you rarely breathe in a full lung capacity of air. Taking in a full breath of air is the second key part of this breathing method. You must inhale a good supply of oxygen with each breath.

Step No. 2 - Breathe out in a slower, more relaxed way. Breathing out should take twice as much time as breathing in. Simply relax and let the air flow out. Do not force the air out sharply because the compression of the chest to expel the air also increases the blood pressure accordingly. Breathe out to dispel as much air from your lungs as possible. You will immediately notice that you rarely breathe out all of your air. Breathing out all of your air is a key part of this breathing method. You must ventilate as much of the old air and carbon dioxide as possible. Practice breathing out all of the air with each breath.

Step No. 3 - The breathing rate must be adjusted voluntarily. A more rapid breathing rate than necessary will cause hyperventilation from an excessive amount of oxygen in the blood. A slow breathing rate will deprive the body of oxygen and send the heart into action to increase the pulse rate and blood pressure. Our tendency is to not breathe enough volume and to not breathe at a high enough rate.

Step No. 4 - Breathing exercises are required many times a day to break the old breathing patters. You will be distracted in your everyday events and forget about breathing. You will slump back into your old involuntary breathing pattern. Concentrate on the proper breathing technique at least once every hour. Breathe in deeply and exhale fully to place you back into a proper breathing pattern. 

Step No. 5 - Over time your breathing pattern should automatically change as you become accustomed to breathing properly. Watch out for relapses. Go back to Step No. 4 with hourly exercises to get back into the proper pattern that will become a new habit.

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Obstacles to Proper Breathing

Breathing is normally done through the nose in the ideal situation, but few people enjoy the pleasant feeling of taking an easy, deep breath through the nose. Any restriction can greatly reduce the amount of air flow and make breathing more work. This is especially true during sleep when many people are forced to breathe through the mouth. Breathing restrictions can be caused by:

Nasal and Sinus Treatment. Chronic congestion of sinuses and nasal passages can be a bacteria infection that should be treated with antibiotics, but this is generally a misdiagnosis. The symptoms may be from a yeast or fungus infection that causes itching and excess mucus. The fungus is attracted to the moist environment. Treatment is easy because fungi are quickly killed by sodium bicarbonate (common baking soda). A home remedy is more effective than commercial products. Simply obtain a 1 oz. plastic nasal rinse or squirt bottle. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate with reverse osmosis water in the bottle. The water should have been boiled and cooled first to prevent bacteria growth. Place a small wad of paper towel in each nasal passage. Lay on the back and squirt or drip the mixture generously into each passage to soak the paper. Care must be taken to not sniff the paper farther into the nose or into the lungs. Leave the soaked paper towel in place for 5 minutes or more. Blow the nose to discharge the paper. The treatment should be done twice a day for 5 days. The sodium bicarbonate may sting slightly at the back of the nasal passage, but it should quickly go away. Reduce the concentration if the stinging is uncomfortable. This is a mild treatment, but it is very effective.

Air flow can be restricted in the throat as well. This condition is often present in people with excess body weight. Fat within the tissues of the throat can restrict the air flow. Snoring during sleep can be caused by this restriction. The only practical resolution to a restriction in the throat is the reduction of body fat to the ideal range.

Restrictions in the nasal passage can increase blood pressure in another way when we exhale. The chest compresses the lungs to exhale. Any resistance causes an increase in the pressure in the lungs and throughout the chest cavity. This extra resistance pressurizes the outside of the heart also. The extra pressure is added to the pressure developed by the heart muscle and propagates throughout the entire cardiovascular system. If you hold your nose and try to breath out you can feel the extra pressure in your eyes and head. Don't try it. You could have a stroke.

Normally, sinuses are air filled spaces and are free of infection. They have openings that allow cilia to move mucus that may contain bacteria out of the sinuses. Nasal and sinus treatments remove these chronic bacteria or fungal infections out of the body. Sporanox is a good anti-fungal drug.

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