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This personality test is easy and fun. Knowing the personality temperament of friends, relatives, neighbors and yourself will help greatly in your understanding of why people react the way they do in various situations. The test is similar to that presented in the book, Please Understand Me, Character & Temperament Types by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates and the Myers - Briggs Type Indicator.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that at least half of the people taking this test do not select the correct column that lists the personality characteristics that apply to them. A person with experience in the test and a close acquaintance of another person can evaluate that person more accurately than they can themselves. The reasons for this may be one or more of the following:

You have two columns below with personality characteristics for your review. Hopefully you will be able to truthfully select the column with personality characteristics at apply to you. You can also imagine yourself in someone else's shoes. Make selections as your evaluation of the other person. This is especially helpful when someone is deceptive or refuses to be tested. You can see the results that you obtained for them without their knowledge. In this way you can better understand them. Select the column at the bottom of the page which best describes you or the person you are trying to evaluate.



Tolerate noise and crowds. Avoid crowds and seek quiet.
Talk more than listen. Listen more than talk.
Communicate with enthusiasm. Keep enthusiasm to myself.
Can be distracted easily. Concentrates well.
Meet new people readily and participate in many activities. Proceed cautiously in meeting new people and participates in selected activities.
Blurts things out without thinking. Thinks carefully before speaking.
Parties recharge your batteries. Time alone recharges your batteries.
Hates to do nothing. Likes to be on the go. Needs to have time to reflect.
Likes working or talking in groups. Would prefer to socialize in small groups or just do the job by myself.
Likes to be center of attention. Content being on the sidelines.

Which column best describes you?

Column A or Column B

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